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Jack Rabid: April 2, 2006

  1. Sleepover Disaster – Oceanographer EP (Overcast)
    All new stuff this Top 10, a lot of it British, but not this one! And this is the best shoegaze/dreampop MY BLOODY VALENTINE-ish record I’ve heard in eons, even better than the Fresno, California band’s LP last year. This should make my Top 10 for the year!
  2. Astrid Williamson – Day of the Lone Wolf (Incarnation/One Little Indian U.K.)
    The woman with the striking looks and the piano-touched folk-pop can do no wrong, with one of the best voices in British pop, too. Only her third solo LP in eight years.
  3. The Somatics – Elemental EP (Engine Room U.K.)
    Psych pop like this can’t go unnoticed long!!! A huge step up from their so-so LP on Beggars a few years ago, this bodes well for an LP.
  4. Snow Patrol – Eyes Open (Fiction/UNI)
    No “Run” here but still some OK COLDPLAY-ish stuff, with a little more meat on the bones than that band
  5. Morrissey – Ringleader of the Tormentors (Attack/Sanctuary)
    His best work in 12 years, if still not quite on par with his 1983-1994 golden era.
  6. Levy – Rotten Love (One Little Indian U.K.)
    Hmm, here’s a local New York band doing some good post-punk pop.
  7. Jon Auer – Songs From the Year of Our Demise (Pattern 25)
    Such a beautiful debut solo LP by THE POSIES veteran, I just keep playing and playing and playing this! Really lovely stuff, not at all like his band, much as I love them too. This is what solo LPs are for!
  8. The Rifles – “Repeated Offender” (Red Ink U.K.)
    Nowhere near as good as their last single, the incredible “Local Boy” but still top-notch. It’s album time for these East Londoners, it says here!
  9. Duels – “Pressure on You” EP (Nude U.K.)
    Just a single of harsh, quick post-punk for these Brits. Need to hear more, but this is not bad!
  10. New York Dolls – Live at CBGB, March 28
    I never thought I would see this day!!! What fun!!! “Looking for a Kiss” and “Personality Crisis” at CBGB? Makes me sorry the club is closing in it’s 33-year location after October.