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The Hard Maybes - Thank You, I Think? (Mint 400 / Telegraph Hill Records)

24 May 2024

Asbury Park, New Jersey has been dining out on its own history for half a century. But the reality is that it hasn’t produced a successful band in decades. The Hard Maybes make a case for why they might be the ones to break that trend.

Damn The Wolves - Reckless (self-released)

24 May 2024

“Reckless” is the brand-new single from Damn The Wolves, following the band’s first handful of songs that gained national radio play (including BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang!) extensive streaming and has seen their fanbase expand over the short time Damn The Wolves have been an entity. Damn The Wolves’ alt-rock hooks and punk delivery are ever present in “Reckless”, which help propel the song’s declaration of not waiting and just letting go. Giving in to something with reckless abandonment, with your heart on your sleeve. Released onto all streaming platforms and supported by Damn The Wolves’ social media presence and live dates throughout the Summer..

bikethrasher - Relaxer (Merry Brigade Records)

23 May 2024

bikethrasher is an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band’s sound encapsulates a broad range of emotion, focused on capturing the essence of ambivalence. Their newest EP, Relaxer, was on May 8th. Following the success of their previous tracks, including the widely acclaimed “Hillside,” bikethrasher continues to captivate audiences with their bold, powerful, and sonically daring sound.

HATS TM - last stop (RISER)

23 May 2024

HATS™ is a chameleon. crafting dreamy soundscapes for weary souls. a bittersweet chorus of vocals slice through strange synthy songstories to weave blankets of sound for your soul. Their musical roots go back to their initial band Vienna Ditto, where they sang bluesy riffs over rockabilly guitar. They’ve grown up now and branched out alone. Inspired by ANOHNI, Radiohead, and Kate Bush, HATS™ is unfurling leaves of musical tenderness, escalating tension and genre shapeshifting.

Anna Josephine - Blue (Grooveberry Records)

23 May 2024

Known for her distinctive lyricism, and luscious blend of indie-folk, chamber pop, and Americana, Anna’s continues to boldly pave her path as a rising star in the scene, leaving no stone unturned. The first release in this next era is named “Blue,” (set to release 5/17/24) a simple, yet pensive, lilting tune that is bold in its simplicity and honesty. This song is perfect for your sad girl pop playlist.

Partinico Rose - Undeclinable Ways (self-released)

23 May 2024

Partinico Rose is a Sicilian band from Ragusa, comprising Vincenzo Cannizzo – Voice and Guitar, Massimo Russo – Bass, Carlo Schembari – Drums and Synth, Martina Monaca – Violoncello (as guest). They have been active since 2015, the original line-up saw another bass player who left the band after only one concert, in 2016.

Matt Saxton - Take It or Leave It (self-released)

22 May 2024

When a long-term relationship hits the rocks, do you quit or keep going. Can you find the common ground and love to push on through, even when the road gets very rough? Matt Saxton’s first single from his new album is about the challenge of keeping a long relationship going over the years.
The song is highly personal song but hopefully with a universal appeal.

Nick Taylor - Not Alone (self-released)

22 May 2024

It stands to reason that a debut album provides a powerful statement of passion and purpose for the artist it represents. After all, there’s something to be said about first impressions, given the fact they seem to linger the longest. Consequently, singer/songwriter Nick Taylor’s debut album, due for release on June 21 and tellingly-titled Not Alone, offers an exceptional introduction, a rich and riveting set of songs and meaningful melodies that ought to easily assert his standing within the revered realms of today’s Americana environs.

Currently based in Austin, Texas, he performs throughout the country both solo and with his band.

Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe - Do You Like Me Now? (VERSION III)

22 May 2024

Cinnamon Babe and Love Ghost team up for an alt. metal punch to the gut for the haters who want to destroy them. Produced by Mike Summers (Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne).

Louis Croft - I'm Going Away (self-released)

22 May 2024

In the short time Nottingham based Louis Croft has been recording and producing his own music (since 2021), he has had an impressive stint in the music industry. He has had support slots with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and The Coral, played festivals such as Sound City and Dot to Dot, played at The City Ground before a Nottingham Forrest game, and had his music played on BBC radio 2, BBC Nottingham and numerous BBC introducing shows nationally.

Waves Crashing - Life on Display - Lulu Lewis Remix (Audiomanic Records)

22 May 2024

Life on Display turned a lot heads for Waves Crashing in 2023. Taken from the EP The Viewing that ranked #20 for KEXP’s (Seattle) best of the year.

Now, in collaboration with remixer Pablo Martin (Du-Rites, Tom Tom Club, Lulu Lewis, Belouis Some) the track takes different turn with the Lulu Lewis Remix version. This new slow wave-dark electro and yet catchy vibe gives the track a whole new feel that will sure catch the ear of new listeners.

Svavar Knútur - Ahoy! Side B (Nordic Notes)

21 May 2024

Icelandic singer/songwriter Svavar Knútur is the son of a school teacher and a fisherman from the rural areas of Iceland. A staunch working class kid, armed with classic education, he has in the recent years developed a closer relationship with his native language and culture, the stories of his family and ancestors and the emotional landscape of northern folk.

Influenced by such songwriters as Nick Drake, Kris Kristofferson and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Svavar has developed his own style, a meeting of folk and indie rock. 
 Svavar’s live performances are a mixture of songs and stories.

Grace McLean - My Lovely Enemy (Meridian/ECR Music Group)

21 May 2024

With her music recently proclaimed by Rolling Stone as, “Brilliant,” by The New York Times as “Phenomenal,” and by The Huffington Post as “Electrifying,” Grace McLean has found her moment. Her debut full-length album My Lovely Enemy is out May 10th on Meridian/ECR Music Group (Sony), following three single releases which have won her an international audience and press coverage on five continents.

The Giant Low - We Fall (self-released)

21 May 2024

The Giant Low (think Editors & Interpol) is a rising band from Nijmegen, NL. The quartet has released a new 2 track single, “We Fall”. Driving and melodic bass lines, jagged and haunting guitars, while drums maintain a tight & propulsive beat with passionate and emotive vocals bringing poetic lyrics.

Santa Claws - Gimme A Minute (self-released)

21 May 2024

“Gimme a minute” is the third extract from Santa Claws next album So live and let lie recorded 6 years after the first Life is a lie that was produced by Greg Gordon (Oasis, Supergrass, Nick Cave) It’s the story of a rather whimsical girl called Sally. A young woman in love with life, very eccentric, on whom time never has a grip. Always very cool, never punctual, she has the gift of irritating those around her who are always waiting for her.

Reynald N'Trio - Pin Up (self-released)

20 May 2024

French blues rockers Reynald N’Trio release their new single. Pin Up.

Karyn Kuhl - No Traces (Dromedary Records)

20 May 2024

Karyn Kuhl first received national acclaim for her early bands Gut Bank and Sexpod, growing out of the vibrant Hoboken music scene and the legendary club Maxwell’s. Over the past 20 years, she has released nine LPs, EPs and singles under her own name and with her band. With her solo material, Karyn lets the unexpected and the familiar take shape into sculptures of melody and noise, sensual, ethereal and heavy. With her alluring mix of different rock styles, she continues to push the boundaries with “No Traces”’ retro and modern sound, finding the enigmatic in the everyday.

Dynasty - Panther Style (self-released)

20 May 2024

Panther Style is a rock band from Chicago, IL USA.

Started by veterans Jeanne McClure, Al Rodis, Dan Lutger, & Melissa Koehl (Mary Tyler Morphine, Siderunners*, Dyslexic Apaches, Reptoids) out of a mutual desire to make some beautifully catchy songs that also rocked. Loudly.

Influences from The Cult, early Van Halen, Fugazi, Failure, The Posies, Big Star, and New Order, blending sweet melodies, thick distorted guitars, and screaming tube amps, held together with an air-tight rhythm.

Mortal Prophets - HANUSSEN The Enigmatic Clairvoyant (Lux Astralis Music)

19 May 2024

John Beckmann’s latest contribution to the genre, HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant, encompasses all three aspects, especially the nuance of labor, which places the body at the center of the human experience. As both the giver and receiver of energies, the body is a conduit between the seen and the unseen. Like this album’s namesake, Erik Jan Hanussen (1889-1933), the Vienna-born Jewish mystic who became a psychic advisor of sorts to Adolf Hitler, the music puts its finger on the pulse of something always within in plain sight yet rarely articulated.

Greg Hoy & The Boys - Holy Mother of God (self-released)

19 May 2024

After last year’s introspective “Yay For Effort” vinyl LP and tour, Greg Hoy and The Boys return to the catchy punk pop sound of their earlier albums. “Holy Mother of God”, which is now available on Bandcamp with a planned release to Spotify and hard hitting music video that’s about to drop, is three and half minutes of guitar riff catchy rock n roll.

Chameleons - Where Are You? (EP) (Metropolis)

19 May 2024

The Chameleons are back with their first new music in 11 years. The brand new 3-track “Where Are You? EP” covers all the important bases, featuring a rousing lead track, a cool revisit to a long-lost track, and a foray into the band’s occasional elegiac quiet side. I asked frontman, Mark Burgess, to tell us more about the new music, and the upcoming North American tour that kicks off in San Diego on May 30th.

George Marinelli - Except Always (self-released)

17 May 2024

George Marinelli was Bonnie Raitt’s right hand man on guitar for 30 years. Before that he was a founding member of the Grammy winning band Bruce Hornsby and the Range. He’s always been a sideman, band guy, and a session player, but constantly writing, recording, and releasing his own solo albums. He was born on Staten Island, New York, into a blue collar Italian-Catholic family, surrounded by diversity in both people, food, and most importantly music. His parents and older sisters instilled a love of a variety of music, from Big Band, Afro-Cuban, Rock & Roll, and Reggae, all of which find their way into his playing and his music. Most recently he’s been producing and mixing for other artists in his studio, WingDing, and recording and readying his latest album, Except Always. It’s a two CD set of nine new songs and a seventeen song retrospective of past albums to be released on Loud Folk Records on May 17, 2024.

The Twins of Franklin - This Life (self-released)

17 May 2024

The Twins of Franklin second and newest album, This Life, mixes hard and soft like only one thing can — American girl rock. It’s both powerful and birdsong sweet — like taking your 70s convertible out for a rage cruise on a sunny spring day.

Deep Dive Species - Habitat (OMNINORM)

16 May 2024

This is the second full-length album Habitat by DEEP DIVE SPECIES, the NY-based virtual band of Vadim Militsin, an electronic producer of many projects and Sergiy Popovich, a guitarists with a long resume of playing in bands. This is a comfortable electronic/guitar mixture that can be a great background or a full-dive sonic trip.

Repeat - Man On The Moon (Torbjörn Hallberg)

16 May 2024

Repeat is a stoner rock/punk band from Sweden who last fall released their debut album “Repeat”. The hard working and energetic trio received many praises from media both in Sweden and internationally for the debut and in June the sequel “Rat Race” is out. On May 3rd, the band released the second single “Man On The Moon” and a video.

A Shoreline Dream - Everything Turns Ft. Mark Gardener (Latenight Weeknight Records)

16 May 2024

Progressive shoegaze stalwarts A Shoreline Dream are back with flair as they present their new single ‘Everything Turns’, featuring Ride frontman Mark Gardener. This is the first taste of ‘Whitelined’, the band’s eighth full-length record, following their 2022 critically acclaimed ‘Loveblind’ album. Out on July 19, this new offering will be released as a limited edition of 180g white vinyl LP and digitally via Latenight Weeknight Records.

Taylor Kelly - Take Me (self-released)

16 May 2024

Beguiling genre-blending ingenue Taylor Kelly has announced the May 17 release of “Take Me,” the soul-nourishing, life-affirming lead single from her forthcoming Ep, The Spins, which arrives July 19 via Head Bitch Music.

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus - Harbortowne (self-released)

16 May 2024

Austin’s folk-rock duo Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus will release their third album since the pandemic, “Harbortowne”, arrives September 20, 2024.
Patton’s new songs, while not directly addressing the pandemic, explore relevant themes of loneliness and dreams gone bad, and plans gone wrong, and how hard it is for two people to get along even when they love each other and have each other’s best interest at heart.

The Silver Doors - The Silver Doors ( PHRC-012)

15 May 2024

The Silver Doors – the Appalachian-psych-rock outfit from the mountains of Asheville, NC – announced their self-titled album release of April 15th, 2024. This debut album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios with additional recording and overdubs by Lawson Alderson; a succinct 8-song arc that swings from sub-2-minute punk tracks to 5-minute-plus rock anthems, all with splashes of psychedelia and layers of electric violin.

Ryan O'Connell - Easy (self-released)

15 May 2024

Meet Ryan O’Connell, a one-man band and multi-instrumentalist ready to take you on a journey with his new single, “Easy.” This track is the ultimate chill-out anthem, recorded at Glow Studios in Athens, Georgia, and produced alongside Jesse Mangum. With influences from Kurt Vile to Pavement and Neil Young, O’Connell’s sound is a laid-back blend of slacker rock and 90s indie infused with a healthy dose of humor.

Near Death Experience - Soul (Charisma Bypass)

14 May 2024

Less than six months after releasing their acclaimed second studio album ‘The 
Release’, London’s psychedelic rock’ n ’soul superheroes Near Death Experience (NDX for short) launched a brand new single ‘Soul’ on 3 May 2024 – a thrilling, fun, 
infectious, rollercoaster ride, brimming with sassy 60s and 70s cool.

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Wrecking Ball (One Media iP Ltd)

14 May 2024

Hot on the tracks of his recent Spotify hit ‘California Smile’, the hit songwriter Tom Tikka releases another single off his upcoming album titled ‘Wrecking Ball’ that features two of his mates from the Sony-BMG signed Carmen Gray .

Pas Musique - Come Follow Me (Alrealon Musique)

14 May 2024

Influenced by such artists as Faust, Coil, Zoviet France and NEU, Pas Musique was launched in 1995 Brooklyn as a solo abstract-sound project of founder Robert L. Pepper, having since evolved through different lineups and variations of experimental electronic iterations.

Kallai - Pallisades (self-released)

11 May 2024

Kallai celebrates the sounds of places that never were, and futures that may never be. Reverb-soaked guitars, synthesized haze, melodic bass lines, and flowing rhythms. Kallai was formed in the fall of 2023 by members of Trance to the Sun, Luscious Apparatus & Lost Echoes.

Seasonal Falls - Happy Days (self-released)

11 May 2024

Seasonal Falls is the new recording project of Switzerland based songwriter Roman Gabriel (The Kind Hills, The Dentals), whose indie folk/pop songs are refined by Andrew Pelletier’s emotive vocals (Fur Trader). The heart-warming tracks capture the band’s passion for indie music in general and of the 90s in particular.

The sound of Seasonal Falls is inspired by artists like Elliott Smith, Pavement, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, The Lucksmiths etc.

Lovelorn Dolls - Deadtime Stories (Alfa Matrix / SPLEEN+)

11 May 2024

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Lovelorn Dolls is made up of Kristell Lowagie (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Bernard Daubresse (music, programming, guitars, production). With an underbelly of gothic rock, their sound resembles a mix of Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and The Birthday Massacre.

Stephen’s Shore – Neptune (EP) (Meritorio)

10 May 2024

On the new Stephen’s Shore ”Neptune (EP)” , the California beach, sun, and surf are distilled into three- and four-minute jangle-pop goodness.

Shockpowder - Dreaming From Elsewhere (Viridescent Records)

10 May 2024

Renowned one-man project Shockpowder, a musical endeavour that intricately blends post-metal with a 90s rock vibe, is thrilled to announce the release of its second album, Dreaming from Elsewhere, slated to hit the airwaves and digital platforms in May 2024.

Morningbird - Echoes In The Meadow (self-released)

10 May 2024

MorningBird is an acoustic trio featuring Rob Wheeler (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, stomp box), Jill Burkes (violin, guitar), and Josh Palmi (upright bass, guitar). The trio offer haunting harmonies and eclectic mix of traditional tunes and original music along with powerful string arrangements. Their new album, Echoes in the Meadow, is a result of the magic that happened when the group spent 3 weeks together traveling, writing, and playing gigs across the Western US in the fall of 2023.

Lud Roes - Waiting For B (self-released)

10 May 2024

The band Avery and Ella is now Lud Roes. They have been garnering some turbulence through their electrifying live shows and the release of their new album, Dear IV. Still a very new band, this name change honors the evolution of the trio. This spring they deliver a one-two punch by also dropping a well crafted music video for their song “Waiting for B”, directed by Mitchel Worley

Deep Dive Species - Penultimate (OMNINORM)

10 May 2024

DEEP DIVE SPECIES were formed during (and basically because of) the 2020 lockdown in New York. One part of the duo is Vadim Militsin, an electronic scene veteran who stands behind numerous projects like AUTiSM, Logica Abstracta and Robotov-Millentrop. The other component of this unlikely mixture is Sergey Popovich, a guitarist and vocalist with a string of projects, like Vopli Vodoplyasova, famous in and beyond his native Ukraine, Hey! Lubo!, and the NY-based Goodswan.

Pull of Autumn - Opening/Closing (ft. Kraig Jordon) - RBM Records

8 May 2024

Art-rock indie-pop collective The Pull of Autumn presents their new single ‘Opening / Closing’ featuring Kraig Jordan. Born from the reflective period as the world began to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. Crafted by the songwriting duo of Kraig Jordan and Guy Benoit, and recorded at Plan of a Boy studio in Providence, Rhode Island, this track is a poignant exploration of reentry into a transformed society.

Tarantula Bill - Supertramp (Mean World Records)

7 May 2024

Tarantula Bill is a Denver based psych rock band that blends creamy vibes with the tonality of a space wizard jam sesh. Much of the magic comes out live, featuring 2 mops, one corporate sellout, and a guy from craigslist penetrating the ethereal plane with heavy riffs.

Tsunamiz - Os Bravos (self-released)

7 May 2024

The brainchild of musician Bruno Sobral, Tsunamiz brings a genre-defying sound to the masses. Sonically energizing and infectious, his music traipses between rock, electronic and pop creating something unique and entirely Tsunamiz.

Marky Wildtype - Place of Peace (self-released)

7 May 2024

Marky Wildtype is an Edinburgh based songwriter/musician/producer who has been plying his trade and honing his craft under various guises for many years. Most recently, he has been providing the buzzsaw guitar backbone of the vibrant heavy-rock-meets-trad instrumental alt-folk band The Jig Show.

Then Comes Silence - Trickery (Metropolis Records)

7 May 2024

Recorded by Jörgen Wall (Jay-Jay Johanson, The Hellacopters) over three days at Stockholm’s Kapsylen Studio and mixed by Tom van Heesch8 (*Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Backyard Babies), this album was mastered by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers (Rammstein, Amaranthe, Ville Valo, The Rasmus, Apocalyptica). Ahead of the album’s release, Then Comes Silence released the singles ‘Like a Hammer’ and ‘Ride or Die’.

Octavian Winters - Nebula/Velveteen (Mark Pistel Remix) (Stratis Capta Records)

7 May 2024

San Francisco post-punk outfit Octavian Winters has teamed up with Mark Pistel (Consolidate, Meat Beat Manifesto8) on their new two-track single. Out April 30 via *Stratis Capta Records, the A-side ‘Nebula’, which underscores the inevitable impermanence of all that is seen and unseen, known and unknown, is complemented by Pistel’s infectious pulsating remix of ‘Velveteen’.

Hangover Square - When You (A Lovely Coincidence)

5 May 2024

Expect the feel of a Wim Wenders film with Bjork popping up to provide musical interludes. From darkness and loss, hangovers were left behind for the peace of sobriety for folktronica duo Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper. In the last year the duo became sober and bounced back from two close friends suicides and Victoria’s own depression. Confronted with so much existential angst. Last year became a springboard for change going back to their roots of electronica and acoustic sounds. “We’re doing what we love best, creating sad, romantic, cinematic music”

The Pulltops - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (self-released)

4 May 2024

The Pulltops is a Milwaukee based duo delivering a hooky mix of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell were both eclectic record collectors, so they immediately clicked when they joined their first band together. While Mark always leaned heavier on old country and soul music, Tom drew stronger influences from the experimental and underground scene.

Colm O'Mahony & the Hot Touches - Damage (Mile 16 Records)

4 May 2024

Emerging Irish Rockers Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches present their debut single “Damage”, available now on Spotify and all the major music services, with a companion video on YouTube. The full album is out soon.