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Rykarda Parasol

Rykarda Parasol: A Mesmerizing Storyteller merges Music & Lyrics

2 August 2021

International rock/pop noir artist (and poet/writer, and illustrator) Rykarda Parasol returns with a captivating new album and lyrics book.

Anthrax: XL Anniversary Retrospective

30 July 2021

“I’ve never been the type of person to say anything in life was easy, even Anthrax. My father had abandoned my family, for whatever reasons, when I was 10. Music was my outlet and it saved me. I knew music was something I HAD to do! I got tunnel vision very early and focused on nothing but that goal. Joining Anthrax felt like I had even more purpose and my family were supportive though I was really going thru a lot.”


Rockford: Heavy and Gritty - Alternative Rock as it should be!

28 July 2021

Dutch stoner rock/grunge band Rockford deliver the alternative rock goods on their new single and accompanying music video.


TRISHES: Blending Activism and Art to reflect our Humanity

26 July 2021

Trinidadian Trish Hosein uses spoken word, vocal effects, and live looping on her upcoming album that mixes pop, hip-hop, and more.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Projekt Records’ renowned Black Tape For a Blue Girl to return (hopefully) with New Album

25 July 2021

Sam Rosenthal, owner of Projekt Records, darkwave pioneer, and mastermind of electronic/Gothic/darkwave/ambient BTFABG needs your help to fund Kickstarter campaign to create this album! Only 4 days to go!

Emmaline Twist

Emmaline Twist: Melancholic melody and moody textures in equal measure

19 July 2021

Kansas City-based band Emmaline Twist blend vibrant art-rock and haunting post-punk on their latest single and are currently recording new music.

Prince of Lilies

Prince Of Lilies: Grunge, punk, and garage rock rule!

15 July 2021

The grunge-punk outfit drop a new single/music video, and get the royal treatment from renowned Steve Albini for their upcoming debut album.

Broken Baby

Broken Baby: Creating dance-punk music for the End Times

14 July 2021

The LA-based outfit’s anthemic single gets the party started before the arrival of their pop-loving, punk-spirited second album in September.

Miss Cantaloupe 2

Miss Cantaloupe: Bringing Back Sweetness & Light

7 July 2021

After over a year of devastation, we are slowly coming back to life and Philadelphia indie (dream)pop outfit Miss Cantaloupe celebrate with a lovely new album.

Reb Fountain - "Beastie" video still

Reb Fountain: Mysterious, Mesmerizing, and Meaningful Music

29 June 2021

The Christchurch, New Zealand-residing singer-songwriter unveils a relevant new single/video that’s a dark harbinger for her upcoming album on Flying Nun.

The Fey

The Fey: Genre-benders offer up a smooth blend of alternative R&B music

22 June 2021

The Nebraska-based outfit mix R&B, electronic, blues, rock, soul, reggae, and more on their newly released ’80s/‘90s-vibed album.

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane: In Honor Of A Friend's Beloved Daughter

17 June 2021

Singer-songwriter Ryan Horns pays tribute to our very own writer Chip Midnight’s late daughter Olivia on a poignant new single.

Alex Skolnick: Versatile Guitarist Reflects on Enduring Career

14 June 2021

“Jazz offered me a whole new world and it was very exciting! I enjoyed the new challenges of improv. Why should I limit myself? It was certainly difficult at first and at times, felt like starting all over! I had technique, I could sweep pick, play fast but a lot of my other techniques I relied on didn’t transfer. The dynamics are totally different. The chords don’t transfer and the natural feel is a different level,” stated Skolnick.

John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice: A Tribute To A Departed Friend

11 June 2021

Renowned songwriter/musician/producer John Vanderslice is set to release a tribute and rarities collection in honor of his late friend David Berman.

Courier Club 2

Courier Club: Waking Up To The Possibilities

11 June 2021

Philadelphian indie rock/post-punk outfit Courier Club release a stirring new single and chat about their exploratory hybrid-genre music.

Steady Wells

Steady Wells: Social Media Can Inspire Creators

7 June 2021

Jordan Smith of Twinsmith drops a nostalgic soft rock track as Steady Wells and talks about this flexible new music project.

The Ember Glows

The Ember Glows: Passerby

2 April 2021

The Ember Glows: From Montreal With Love. And Guitars.

Tomahawk: 20th Anniversary Brings Tonic Immobility

29 March 2021

“Tomahawk has always been this special place where we can play hard, heavy music and mix in expressionism with a vocalist who can do anything. Tonic Immobility is a statement we’re still around and still doing it. You can take life at your own pace. Sometimes, you just have to wait until the time is right.”

The Bones Of Jim Jones: A Rural Journey

24 March 2021

A brief look into a new band – time balanced by fear and excitement, and The Big Question.

Shuffle & Bang: That Crossover Swag

18 February 2021

“From the moment we’re born into this world we have a natural, rhythmic beat; Our heart. The pulsing rhythm is just like drums,” affirmed Horn.

2020: The Reissues That Rocked - 5 Of The Best

19 December 2020

As 2020 rolls to a close, writer Kevin Burke looks at a selection of worthwhile reissues

2020: The Bravery & The Art - 10 Of The Best 

19 December 2020

2020 was a brave year to release music without the touring or usual album promotion, writer Kevin Burke explores 10 of the Best album release

Black Halos: Tribute Single Sparks Reunion

12 December 2020

“It will be great to get back out but I am sure once on the road, I’ll laugh and say ‘Oh God, why am I doing this all over again?’ We always worked to play all-ages shows, why preach to the converted? We’re like a sick rock & roll cult that wants to recruit a new congregation,” laughed Hopeless.

Everyone’s Quiet When the Record Ends: An Oral Retrospective of Joan of Arc

7 December 2020

Tim Kinsella, Melina Ausikaitis, Theo Katsaounis, and Bobby Burg tell the tale of bringing Joan of Arc to an end in this oral retrospective.

Subhumans: Anger As Unity

30 September 2020

“In the face of futures postponed or cancelled, the underbelly of civilization shows itself in increased violence and racism while caution, politeness and caring are disregarded without a thought by those who feel freed to do so by the examples set by their leaders.”

David Bowie Diamond Dogs album cover

David Bowie: Revisiting Diamond Dogs in the Age of Covid-19

12 September 2020

Amidst a pandemic, political unrest, and economic distress, Diamond Dogs offers a new translation to a listener in 2020. David Bowie infused his talent for changing personas directly into the album itself as though he knew something that we did not. It is almost if he knew this was coming.

The Impact, And The Art Of Survival

1 September 2020

Writer Kevin Burke takes a look at the true toll on the music industry, this pandemic has had.

RIP Riley Gale, Frontman Of Power Trip

29 August 2020

Gale, frontman for metal luminaries Power Trip, died this week of unnatural causes. Here is my interview with the screaming legend from less than a year ago.

Jon Zazula: Megaforce Founder Pens Memoir

9 August 2020

“It all began in a very grassroots way. This was their Metal, for the new fans. Not hokey rock and roll and it was the real thing. We worked to give these bands to the people that wanted more and were willing to support it,” reflected Zazula.

Ready, Steady,..Bandcamp - Seventy Recommendations

7 August 2020

Bandcamp give artists 100% of the profits, Kevin Burke shares 70 recommendations worth checking out

Miss Mercy & The Curious Case Of The GTOs

30 July 2020

2020 is a year that has so far devastated the music world. A further loss comes in the form of the illustrious Miss Mercy.

Andy Jossi of The Churchhill Garden

The Churchhill Garden Releases Its First Album, Heart And Soul, on Vinyl and CD

23 July 2020

Shoegaze songwriter Andy Jossi publishes his life’s work in a new self-released double album released in July.

Live Aid & The 20 Minutes That Changed The World

13 July 2020

35 years ago, Live Aid happened. Kevin Burke remembers the standout performance.

Ambient Punk - Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music Explained

1 July 2020

As Metal Machine Music turns 45, Writer Kevin Burke tries to explain what it actually is

Lockdown Listening Party - How Tim Burgess Saved Our Lives

30 June 2020

Through the pandemic, Tim Burgess is keeping us entertained and the positivity flowing.

Two Wheels Good - 35 Years Of A Classic

22 June 2020

Writer Kevin Burke looks back 35 years at the Prefab Sprout classic Steve McQueen/ Two Wheels Good

Bandcamp - The Juneteenth Generosity

19 June 2020

Bandcamp launches a Juneteenth gift to fund the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Kevin Burke looks at this, and some of the artists to watch.

The Sounds: Things We Do For Love Ends Hiatus

26 May 2020

“I proud to say that I think we came back strong. I know it’s been awhile since the last record in 2013. I’m happy our fans our loyal because we never relied on radio, we relied on touring and with what has been happening it has been difficult. We’ve played together for so long; I have learned not to argue over childish stuff and just enjoy each other.”

Dylan's Outlaw Blues - Happy Birthday Bob

24 May 2020

As Bob Dylan turns 79, writer Kevin Burke takes a look back at some of his seminal sixties moments.

Lush - Press Kit Photo 1

A Guide To The Recordings Of...: Lush

19 May 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the captivating, lyrically insightful shoegaze/dream-pop/guitar-pop band Lush(1987 – 1996 and 2015 – 2016).

Positive Vibrations | Remembering Matthew Seligman

18 April 2020

Writer Kevin Burke examines the actual threat facing the music industry from COVID-19, including the loss of the brilliant Matthew Seligman

Nepotism - Damaging An Already Damaged Industry

1 April 2020

Kevin Burke points out the damage dishonesty brings to an already damaged industry

Running The Voodoo Down - Bitches Brew At Fifty

27 March 2020

This week, writer Kevin Burke discusses the importance of the Miles Davis classic Bitches Brew released 50 years ago this week

Curve - Photo Credit: Anxious Records

A Guide To The Recordings Of...: Curve

26 March 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the mesmerizing, compelling electronic rock/alternative guitar-rock band Curve (1990 – 2005).

The Eternal Emerald - The Irish Crossover

17 March 2020

On Saint Patrick’s Day, writer Kevin Burke celebrates the Irish that crossed the Atlantic, and their influence on American pop culture

The Survival Of Music In The Age Of Coronavirus

10 March 2020

As 2020 steers us into uncharted territory, writer Kevin Burke discusses how it will take old school methods for the music industry to survive

Cranes - Photo courtesy of Dedicated

A Guide To The Recordings Of…: Cranes

2 March 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the cinematic, atmospheric rock/dream-pop/electronic band Cranes (1986 – 2008).

A Celebration Of Kim Shattuck - The Coolies To Perform At ALS Benefit Concert 

10 February 2020

Writer Kevin Burke looks at the importance of last years release by The Coolies, along with the upcoming tribute to Kim Shattuck at the ALS benefit concert in Los Angeles

Rich Jones: Have Guitar Will Travel

9 February 2020

“I don’t feel any burnout or pressure, more like being thankful that I’m still able to do this. Everyone gets along so well playing with Michael Monroe and we all realize that nothing is more important than the music. This is our livelihood and for me, it’s my only job so I make sure to do it at the highest level, no matter which group I am in,” stated Jones.

Catching Fire - Remembering Bob Marley

6 February 2020

Writer Kevin Burke reinforces the power of Bob Marley’s music, 75 years after the reggae legend was born.