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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls
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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls

Big Takeover #85 (Vivian Girls cover) About to Ship! (Super Holiday, Birthday. or other Gifts! Order - Subscribe – Renew!) Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

16 November 2019

Good news! Big Takeover #85 Fall 2019 issue with Vivian Girls on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! And there’s still time for the perfect holiday (or birthday, or other) gift: Big Takeover Magazine Subscriptions and Back Issues (like the big enchilada, complete set 1980-2019)! Plus six children’s sizes for our T-Shirts (to go with several Men’s and Women’s sizes) in three colors, as well as our Big Takeover Beer Cozies and (signed if you like) Color 30th Anniversary Festival Posters!

Alex Chilton - My Rival

Song Premiere: "Windows Hotel" by Alex Chilton

15 November 2019

Omnivore Recordings is set to release a collection of previously unissued demos from the renowned Alex Chilton of power pop legends Big Star.

Matthew Paul Butler

Album Premiere: Hymns For The Dying by Matthew Paul Butler

14 November 2019

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Matthew Paul Butler releases his heartfelt and forthright new album via Epifo Music.


Song Premiere: "Pining for Time" by Shadowlands

14 November 2019

Post-punk/darkwave band Shadowlands unveils an ethereal and atmospheric track from their upcoming 3rd LP via Icy Cold Records.

Twin Limb

Song Premiere: "White Tongues" by Twin Limb

13 November 2019

Louisville, KY-based atmospheric indie/dream-pop band Twin Limb offer up a restless and rhythmic single from their upcoming LP.

Cabinet of Millionaires

Video Premiere: "Stop The Coup" by Cabinet of Millionaires Vs. Zion Train

12 November 2019

British socio-politically active electronic collective Cabinet of Millionaires reveal a potent anti-Boris Johnson protest song/video.


NEWS: Dispel's "Modal Consequence" a Gothic medieval battleground

12 November 2019

Dark electronic collective Dispel unveil their debut single (and accompanying video) which is cut from their forthcoming album Lore.

Bodies On The Beach

Song Premiere: "Snake" by Bodies On The Beach

12 November 2019

Seattle-based indie/psych-rock band Bodies On The Beach (spearheaded by Planes on Paper’s Navid Eliot) release a vibrant rock track.

Lunar Twin 3

Video Premiere: "Electric Lights" by Lunar Twin

11 November 2019

Hypnotic dreamwave duo release a mesmerizing and meditative song and video from their full-length coming out in early 2020.

Sasha Bell

Album Premiere: Love Is Alright by Sasha Bell

9 November 2019

Singer-songwriter Sasha Bell (the Ladybug Transistor, The Essex Green, The Sixth Great Lake) goes solo on an engaging, ’70s-inspired LP.

Little Wings

Song Premiere: "When You Know Love" (reissue) by Little Wings

8 November 2019

1990s lo-fi pop/folk music project Little Wings (led by Kyle Field) reissues their endearing 2002 album Wonderue via Moone Records.


Song Premiere: "Dirty Looks" by Stuyvesant

7 November 2019

Steak-and-potatoes rock n’ roll from Jersey’s own power-pop juggernaut

Live Skull

Song Premiere: "Nova Police" by Live Skull

7 November 2019

Iconic NYC, socio-politically relevant noise rock band Live Skull have reformed and will imminently release their first album in over 30 years.

The Adobe Collective 2

Video Premiere: "Blind" by The Adobe Collective

6 November 2019

Joshua Tree-located high desert rock band The Adobe Collective release an engaging narrative video for a track off their upcoming LP.

Chrysta Bell

Video Premiere: "Time Never Dies" by Chrysta Bell

6 November 2019

Renowned enigmatic singer-songwriter, actress, and David Lynch muse, Chrysta Bell unveils a mesmerizing dreamworld video.

Rational Youth

Song Premiere: "Saturdays in Silesia" by Rational Youth

5 November 2019

Canadian ’80s New Wave band gets the reissue treatment for their album Cold War Night Life via Universal Music Canada.

Creation Dream Machine 3

NEWS: Creation Dream Machine expands in LA; 5th event announced

5 November 2019

Creation Dream Machine to host fifth LA event in collaboration with Alan McGee. Magic Wands, JUGGS, and LUCKYANDLOVE perform. Guest DJ set by L.A.Drones.


Album Premiere: Bright Smiles & Broken Hearts by Whimsical

1 November 2019

Dream-pop/rock band Whimsical unveil an enchanting and restless second album that features ethereal vocals and swirling sonics.

Ann Magnuson

Video Premiere: "Cynical Girl" by Ann Magnuson

1 November 2019

Multi-talented, multi-platform artist Ann Magnuson releases an engaging new video from the vaults for a track from her reissued 2nd LP.

Lulu Lewis

Album Premiere: For Entertainment Purposes (Lulu Lewis in Dub) by Lulu Lewis

31 October 2019

New York based rock band Lulu Lewis de- and reconstruct a clutch of songs,reshaping them into a dub version of their original album.


Song Premiere: "Husk" by Inkraktare

31 October 2019

Just in time for Halloween, a spooky-cool treat from dark soundscape duo Inkraktare, AKA Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and Mark Wallbridge.

The Velvet Hands 1

Video Premiere: "This Feeling" by The Velvet Hands

30 October 2019

British garage rock ‘n’ roll band The Velvet Hands deliver a boisterously kicky and casually brash performance video.

The 1865 - Photo Credit: Ed Marshall

Video Premiere: "John Brown's Gat" by The 1865

29 October 2019

NYC-based avant-/alt-punk collective The 1865 release a bold, illustrated music video that tackles historically important social issues.

NEWS: Foxes Halloween Extravaganza featuring members of Bauhaus, Wolfmother, Cat Power, The Germs

29 October 2019

FOXES Magazine, Club FOXES, Peroni & El Silencio Mezcal presents their 1st annual HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA ‘Welcome To Our Nightmare’ at The Lodge Room in Highland Park.

Blind Boy De Vita

Video Premiere: "Hold The Knight" by Blind Boy De Vita

29 October 2019

Shamanistic singer-songwriter Blind Boy De Vita offers up a colorful and fun video for a rich and wild track off his upcoming record.

Joy Cleaner

Song Premiere: "See Through" by Joy Cleaner

28 October 2019

New Jersey-based power pop/indie rock band Joy Cleaner release a bright, abrasive, and driving track from their upcoming album.

The Camino Side Project - Paul Farran

Album Premiere: North America EP by The Camino Side Project

25 October 2019

Canadian globe-trotter and alternative singer-songwriter Paul Farran (Pacer) as The Camino Side Project delivers a reflective and perceptive new EP.

Martin Kennedy of All India Radio

Video Premiere: "The Edge of Infinity" by All India Radio

24 October 2019

Master soundscaper Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) is set to launch a new album and prefaces it with a mesmerizingly spacey song/video.

The Persian Leaps

NEWS: The Persian Leaps' Track-By-Track Rundown of New Album Electrical Living

23 October 2019

Indie rock/power pop band The Persian Leaps delve into the details of each track off their fantastic new album out now via Land Ski Records.


Song Premiere: "Skin" by Scizzorman

23 October 2019

Australian minimalist experimental rock/funk band Scizzorman deliver a positive-themed, peppy track that comes off of their new LP.

Wayne Hussey - Tour dates 2

NEWS: The Mission's Wayne Hussey launches 2nd leg of UK tour with Evi Vine

22 October 2019

Wayne Hussey of UK alternative rock legends The Mission will be playing a new wave of UK dates with London-based dark ethereal artist Evi Vine

Stars on Fire

Album Premiere: Songs for the Summer by Stars On Fire

22 October 2019

Currently Seoul-based indie pop artist Christoph Mark (ampersand) returns with a delightful and nostalgic end-of-summer second EP.

Bleu Roi

Song Premiere: "Front Yard" by Bleu Roi

22 October 2019

Swiss indie pop/ambient band Bleu Roi unveil a reflectively breezy single that comes off of their upcoming second LP.

Aaron Semer

Song Premiere: "Risingsun, OH" by Aaron Semer

21 October 2019

American rock singer-songwriter Aaron Semer relates a touching and relevant narrative on an acoustic track from his upcoming LP.

Distant Witch

Video Premiere: "For Myself" by Distant Witch

21 October 2019

Australian musician Chris Cox (previously in the band Hound) drops an EP for a new post-rock/punk/pop music project named Distant Witch.

The Endangered Species

Album Premiere: The Endangered Species by The Endangered Species

18 October 2019

Brothers Robin and Wade Divver pay tribute to their late father and promote positive change on a powerful and masterfully crafted album.

The Skullers

Video Premiere: "Still Life" by The Skullers

17 October 2019

New Jersey-based rock ‘n’ roll band The Skullers (led by Jack Skuller) deliver a lively video for a stirring track off their new EP.

Fly My Pretties

Song Premiere: "Quiet Girl" by Fly My Pretties

16 October 2019

New Zealand collective Fly My Pretties (formed by Barnaby Weir and Mikee Tucker) turn their live hits into studio recordings on a new LP.

The Veldt - Todd L. WIlliams

Video Premiere: Oak City Session 2019 by The Veldt

16 October 2019

Pioneering shoegaze and progressive soul band The Veldt unveil an exciting and absorbing live performance video shot in Raleigh, NC.


Video Premiere: "Occupied" by Heazza

15 October 2019

Chicago-based ambient-soul/synth-pop songstress Heazza drops an engaging video for an ethereal to soulful track off her new EP.

Gabriel Delicious

Song Premiere: "Punisher In Paradise" by Gabriel Delicious

14 October 2019

Garage/glam-rock singer-songwriter Gabriel Delicious (AKA Gabriel Nardin) delivers an insouciant, lyrics-driven, retro-‘70s single.

Night Tongue

Album Premiere: The Stag King by Night Tongue

13 October 2019

LA-based (by way of Australia) darkwave/post-punk duo Night Tongue unveil their darkly mesmerizing and hauntingly atmospheric debut LP.

Tino Drima

Album Premiere: Suitin' Up EP by Tino Drima

11 October 2019

San Franciscan, self-described “doo wop rock” band Tino Drima keep it emotionally intense and soncially groovin’ on their new EP.

Noctorum 3 - Photo Credit: Olivia Willson-Piper

NEWS: Noctorum previews new single off upcoming The Afterdeath EP

11 October 2019

Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve, The Saints, Anekdoten) and producer Dare Mason aim to recoup funding lost to PledgeMusic with upcoming EP.

Morsifire - live

Album Premiere: Metanoia by Morsifire

10 October 2019

San Francisco-based alt-music artist Morsifire offers up a deeply personal, but relatable and cathartic debut album about life and loss.

Gone Sugar Die

Song Premiere: "Grey Eyes" by Gone Sugar Die

9 October 2019

Canadian/American synth-punk band Gone Sugar Die (members of The Bravery, The Cut Losses, more) unveil their latest scintillating track.

Creation Dream Machine 2

NEWS: Creation Dream Machine hook up with Ride to bring LA an After Party

8 October 2019

Creation Dream Machine presents RIDE After Party with JUGGS, Kav Blaggers (Blitz Vega), and Rose Knows (Lethal Amounts) on October 14th.


Video Premiere: "People Are Forever" by Milly

8 October 2019

Fresh LA-based slowcore band Milly drop a new video and cassette EP in support of their upcoming tour with shoegaze veterans Swervedriver.

Populuxe 2

Song Premiere: "Where Did I Go Wrong?" by Populuxe

8 October 2019

LA-based indie rock/pop band Populuxe drops a rhythmically swaying R&B-touched number from their upcoming concept album.


Video Premiere: "Animal Kingdom" by Djunah

7 October 2019

Chicago-based noise rock/post-punk band Djunah unleash a wild video for the killer lead single off their upcoming debut album.