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Chris Davis: October 16, 2011

10 Great Tracks from Minimal Wave Records

I spent a lot of time this week diving into the Minimal Wave Records catalog. Since 2005 Minimal Wave has made it their business to scour through the lost minimal synth, electro, and new wave songs and albums from the late-70’s and early-80’s, pick the best of the bunch, and reissue them so that maybe they’ll find the listeners that they deserve. So far, they are doing a fine job. And based on all of the stuff that I listened to this week, which is a large chunk of their output, I’d say that they are one of those record labels where I’d pretty much be willing to gamble on anything that they put out. There are very few sub par releases with their imprint. Here are some of my favorite tracks from the albums I listened to. If these spark your interest, check out their website.

  1. Oppenheimer Analysis – “Cold War”

  2. Sudeten Creche – “Are Kisses Out Of Fashion?”

  3. Storung – “Europe Calls”

  4. In Trance 95 – “Something Better Than Nothing”

  5. Turquoise Days – “Hide”

  6. Futurisk – “Lonely Streets”

  7. Circuit 7 – “Video Boys”

  8. Linear Movement – “Way Out Of Living”

  9. Das Kabinette – “The Cabinet”

  10. Autumn – “Night In June”