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Three Minute Tease - s/t (Idiot)

Three Minute Tease
30 November 2012

Psinger/psongwriter Anton Barbeau has put out consistently winning psych/pop records for nearly two decades now. With his new project, however, he’s hit a new plateau. Joined by Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor, formerly Robyn Hitchcock‘s Egyptians, the Sacramento-bred/Berlin-based Barbeau brings on the wonderful Three Minute Tease, a new album (and band) that’s a marvel of pop hooks and acidic twinkle. “Love is Onion” and “Thanks For Lifting My Leg” fizz and pop in a giddy rush, while “Milko II,” “Up On the Moon” and “Sensual Pleasure of Pie” undulate in waves of psychedelic balladry. “Dig My Bones,” “Queen of Apples” and “Dust Beneath My Wings” are sparkling examples of Barbeau’s primary genius: ridiculously catchy midtempo pop tunes with gently eccentric (but not nonsensical) lyrics. Unsurprisingly, given their long association with Hitchcock and his similar sensibilities, Metcalfe and Windsor are the perfect rhythm section for Barbeau, pushing him to new heights of melodic inspiration. Given the self-released and promoted nature of this release, it would be easy to overlook. But if you’ve any kind of hankering for heart-on-sleeve whimsy and instantly lovable melodies, you owe it to yourself to spin Three Minute Tease.":


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