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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Pallers - The Sea of Memories (Labrador)

2 November 2011

One might wonder if prolific Swedish musician Johan Angergård ever sleeps; he is a current member of such active bands as Acid House Kings, Club 8, and The Legends, and his newest project,Pallers makes his fourth active band. A duo, formed with friend Henrik Mårtensson, the two make new wave pop that’s similar to other duos, including Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and The Postal Service. That said, the music found on The Sea of Memories doesn’t sound too terribly different from Angergård’s other current projects. The music is club music, but it’s a rather dour club that would provide their clubbers with the lovely but melancholy “Another Heaven,” “Years Go, Days Pass,” or “Wicked.” Furthermore, “Come Rain, Come Sunshine” is perhaps this year’s most perfectly perfect pop song; beats that enrapture and get your feet moving are enhanced by Angergård’s sad crooning. Still, in spite of the clouds, The Sea of Memories, there’s plenty to enjoy; after all, a cloudy day can still be a beautiful day.