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Boogie Monster - Zechimechi (Needs More Ram)

19 April 2011

As a self-professed “noise rock duo”, you think that you would know exactly what to expect from Vancouver’s Boogie Monster. Most people would just think, based on that description, that they were Canada’s answer to Lightning Bolt, and yes, they would be right to do so. But whereas Lightning Bolt’s sound is purposefully muffled, Boogie Monster’s guitarist Ben Fussel uses bright riffing to cut through the murk (not unlike Explosions In The Sky). There is plenty of exuberance but drummer Tony Dallas never overdoes it. As a result, Zechimechi is a varied record with very well-composed tunes for being under the noise rock banner. “Castles In The Clouds,” is maybe the most LB-like track but it is hopeful and less erratic. Strangely, it also makes me think of Braveheart. Despite not liking that movie, the song is stellar. “Transmissions Burst Through Sticky Lungs,” does indeed sound like something plotting its escape, only to be pounded back into submission with a loud imperial-style march. I did yield to its awesomeness. The album closes with two more excellent tracks as “Lost In Bollywood,” certainly does recall a feeling of uncomfortableness in unfamiliar terrain, and “Shapeshifters,” itself shifts from post-rock to noise, not unlike that of a human to a werewolf. Zechimechi packs a megaton of sounds, both loud and pleasing, and offers you something more with every listen. Needs More Ram Records is still in its infancy but they have already collected several very eclectic bands around the ‘Couv and Boogie Monster is the latest and best.

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