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Bipolaroid - Twin Language (Get Hip)

Bipolaroid Twin Language
13 November 2013

Physically, Bipolaroid comes from Louisiana. Spiritually, however, the band comes straight out of the psychedelic 60s, especially the British variety, on its latest LP Twin Language. Balancing an aesthetic evoking a haze of marijuana smoke with a solid backbone of melodic pop, Bipolaroid manages to keep its feet on the ground, but its head firmly in the clouds. Check out “Efflorescent Adolescent,” which puts Syd Barrett through a filter of Guided By Voices, or “Love You Not,” which comes across as a combination of “I Can See For Miles” and “Arnold Layne.” Occasionally the drugs take control, as when Ben Glover gets a little too loose in his woozy singing, or the imminent collapse of instrumentation moves from hint to threat. But when this band is on, as with “The Brass Tacks,” “Get Off My Fence” and “Dumbstruck Epiphany,” it’s as right on as an acid trip to the UFO Club in 1967.