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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Listen to Editor Jack Rabid's "Top 40 Albums of 2012 Countdown Shows" on!

11 January 2013

Hi folks! Just a quick note to let you know that if you want to hear (not read!) my top 40 Album Picks list for 2012, I have made it available to you all in aural (not written!) form, by picking one song off each that I really like and doing two Countdown shows featuring them on my regular weekly “Big takeover on” show.

It’s easy to listen in! You can start by listening to songs from albums 40-21 (with two honorable mention singles tracks from bands that didn’t release albums in 2012), which aired on my 12/31/12 show, or if you have less time or want to get right to it, you can listen to the songs from albums 20-1 which aired on my show on 1/7/13. Both are easily heard/downloaded: here

You can also hear previous/normal shows I have posted every week going back the last four years; but these two are a pretty good sum up, I think, of what I was playing the heck out of all 2012 anyway—and of course, spotlighting in issues 70 and 71 this past year of Big Takeover.

I hope you all will check it out. As I have been saying for decades, as much as I love writing about music and talking about music I love in an effort to interest in others in what I can’t stop playing, it is always better to just let you hear it for yourselves!—we can fill in the info/color/background/opinion later, right!

And full playlists are included with both shows, but of course, that’s a spoiler alert. It’s even more fun, perhaps, to just listen to the shows and be surprised by each pick; there are so many year end lists, I thought this might be a more special/effective way to argue/advocate/laud the music that meant the most to me at least.

Enjoy everyone, and once again happy new year to you all!