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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Big Takeover Issue #94 (The Damned cover) About to Ship! If You Want It By Mail Straight From the Printer, Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

11 May 2024

Once again the big news is that Big Takeover issue #94 Spring 2024 is at the printer now, from completed sessions in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA this month! The issue stars beloved, still-going original 1976 British punk rock stars The Damned on the cover, original shoegaze/dreampop stars The Jesus and Mary Chain and Slowdive part 2, and features fabulous history interviews with ageless rockers Art Bergmann, J. Robbins, Alejandro Escovedo, and Meat Puppets, plus moody indie pop greats Real Estate and Camera Obscura.

Plus there are shorter chats with Jane Weaver, Mary Timony, Ducks Ltd., Umbrellas, The Shop Window, Paul Collins, Mikaela Davis & Circles Around the Sun, GospelbeacH, and Meatbodies, and more! A full description of its contents is just below.

The magazine will begin shipping any week now, so you should see it quite soon! Remember, we only come out twice a year, every Spring and Fall, so you don’t want to miss one of our jam-packed 172-page issues!

IMPORTANT! If you are a subscriber and you need to update your address, please tell us right away. The post office almost never forwards our issues even if you have a forwarding order in place. Quickly, send updates to me at

REMEMBER, since this upcoming issue #94 will soon be shipped to subscribers and those who pre-order it by itself, but will sometimes be unavailable in your local stores (they don’t tend to reorder if they sell out quickly or used to carry us), so it is imperative if you want a copy of the magazine that you order it now, so that we can put in the right number of copies for our order with the printer! It is likely we will sell out of our own office stock thereafter, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t delay!

So if you want the issue, you must order right away before the printer finishes its work, so that we can ship it directly from there in the appropriate number of copies!

This you can do by pre-ordering just the one issue. (You can also buy any or all of our 93 back issues there that have been released over the past 44 years!), or subscribe if you’ve been meaning to, or renew your subscription if it has run out! (Feel free to email me at if you fear your subscription has run out!)

And just a reminder that there’s still time for the perfect Father’s Day, Christmas, Chanukah, other holidays, birthday, graduation, or whatever type of gift: Big Takeover magazine subscriptions and back issues! Give the gift of music appreciation and good reading to those you love! (And maybe to yourself while you’re at it.)

Speaking of which, for more super gifts, here’s a reminder about our t-shirts, CDs, and our other fun stuff like Big Takeover beer cozies and signed posters that might be just the thing!

That’s right, Big Takeover issues, subscriptions, back issues, t-shirts in three colors, black, white, and burgundy red in thirteen sizes (including our children’s sizes, 2T, 3T, 4T, and 6MO, 12MO, and 18MO baby onesies! The coolest gift ever for the kids!), and our accessories (BT beer cozies for only $5 and 12 × 18 color BT Anniversary Festival Posters for $4, which I will sign if you want me to!), as well as our related CDs (including the limited edition Springhouse CD album, From Now to OK), also make the perfect birthday, or holiday) gifts! Especially in this time when we are all trying to economize.

This means our t-shirts still come in three colors (black, white, and burgundy red) and are only $16 for men, $15 for women, and $12 for children’s shirts and baby onesies, even including postage.

Also, all but two of our back issues are still available (if your friends like a specific band we’ve featured) and there’s always the mega-deluxe gift, the complete set of all of our 94 issues to date, including the two that are out of print! Check the back issues page and you will see that offer.

And we are also offering used, good-quality CD copies of the three out-of-print SPRINGHOUSE CDs from 1991-1993 as well as sealed, limited edition art-package copies of Springhouse‘s 2008 third LP From Now to OK (See why it got an 86/100 in Paste!), as well as CDs by EVEN WORSE, LAST BURNING EMBERS, DOUG GILLARD, NON-LINEAR THINKERS and EDP!

If you want to subscribe or renew or give the gift that keeps on giving, just go to our subscribe and feel free to indicate which issue you’d like to start with (or have your friends start with); issue #93 (Slowdive cover), the upcoming issue #94 (The Damned cover), or the Spring 2024 issue #95 (Nickelback cover – Ha! Just kidding. Just wanted to make sure you were still reading). It’s only $24 for four issues (save 23% off the newsstand price including average sales tax), or $36 for overseas, or $32 for Canada. Or, for those in the U.S., you can send us a check made out to “Big Takeover” for $24 to the following address:

The Big Takeover
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Or if you want to order just issue #94, you can send us a check (or make a PayPal payment to for $10.50 (including postage) to that address, or order it at the Big Takeover website.

Here, again, is what’s in issue #94!!!!:

Interviews: The Damned (on the cover) * Slowdive Pt. 2 * Jesus and Mary Chain * Real Estate * J. Robbins * Art Bergmann * Alejandro Escovedo * Meat Puppets * Camera Obscura * Jane Weaver * Mary Timony * Ducks Ltd. * Umbrellas * The Shop Window * Paul Collins * Mikaela Davis & Circles Around the Sun * GospelbeacH * Meatbodies
Editorials: Rabid: “Time to Stop Pretending—Especially About January 6” * Kelson: “When your Favorite Member Leaves a Band—An Ode to Gerry Love” * Lauden: “Absolution Is Out of the Question: Replacements Fandom In Midlife (And an Interview With Trouble Boys Author Bob Mehr)”

Live: Bambi Kino * The Damned * Descendents, Circle Jerks, Adolescents * Pegboy * Joe Pernice * Ride * J. Robbins (and Savak) * Salt Collective, Sneakers * Sugar For the Pill * Trouser Press Turns 50: The Shirt Effect, Chris Stamey & Peter Holsapple, Dot Dash

Cd/Vinyl/Cassette/Digital Reviews: A Certain Ratio * Acetone * Amen Dunes * Angel Face/Cavemen/Still Animals/Gob Psychic * A/N/The Children * APB/The Brat/Pearl Harbour/Shakin’ Street * Arab Strap * Armoires/Half Cubes * Kevin Ayers * Bad Brains * Archie Bell & the Drells * Bevis Frond * Les Biches * Big Boys * Birdfeeder * Blab School * Black Nite Crash * Black Watch * Bloodstains * Blue Oil * Blushing * Boeckner * Bottle Rockets * Buffalo Tom * Butthole Surfers * BV’s * Camera Obscura * Andi Camp * Can * Car Seat Headrest * Casual Sex * China Crisis * The Church * Circlons * Bill Evans Trio * Ex Norwegian * The Fall * Fanny * Finnogun’s Wake * Flesh Eaters/Divine Horsemen * Flux Of Pink Indians/Annie Anxiety * Flying Burrito Brothers* F.O.D. * Earthly Frames * Gandalf/SRC * Gentlemen Rogues * Ghost * Beth Gibbons * Philip Glass * Ghetto Brothers/Nikki & the Corvettes * Kim Gordon * GospelbeacH * Gramercy Arms * Grandaddy * Guided By Voices * Guilty Few * Steve Gunn & David Moore * Half Japanese * Dhani Harrison * Mick Harvey * Maya Hawke * Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band * Hello London * High Llamas * High Violets * Julia Holter * Greg Hoy & the Boys * Hawkwind * Hungrytown * Ian Hunter * Matt Hunter & the Dusty Fates * Jon Hyde * Hyperbubble * Idaho * Idles * Infinite River * Iron & Wine * David J * Skip James * Janus 4-14 * Jesse * Jesus & Mary Chain * Nick Kizirnis * Kramies * Karyn Kuhl * La Luz * Last Dinner Party * Lemon Twigs * Adrienne Lenker * Libertines (U.K.) * Life In a Blender * Lions of the Interstate * Little Richard * Long Ryders * Longwave * Looper * Lovina Falls * John Lurie * Magnet School/Nim * Taj Mahal * Mammoth Penguins * Denman Maroney Quintet * J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr. * Paul McCartney & Wings * Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, with Marty Stuart * Charles Mcpherson * Melanie* Melt Citizen * Carina Messier * Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis * Metz * Miss Massive Snowflake * MGMT. * Mighty Lemon Drops * Minor Threat * Modern English * Moonshake * Ennio Morricone * Mythological Horses * My Version of It * Willie Nelson * Neon Leon * New Model Army * Willie Nelson * Nico * Sean O’Brien & His Dirty Hands * Omni * One For All Feat. George Coleman * Otherworldly Things * Palm Ghosts * Andy Partridge, Chris Braide, Tim Weller/Steve Conte * Penny Arcade * Pernice Brothers * Physarum * Pointed Sticks * Pull of Autumn * The Pollution * Iggy Pop/Dead Boys * Robert Poss * Elvis Presley * The Primitives/Is/Ought Gap * Purple Hearts * Pylon Reenactment Society * Phil Ranelin * Real Estate * Reds, Pinks & Purples * Residents * Ride * Riot For Romance * River City Rebels * J. Robbins * Tom Robinson Band * Rolling Stones * Royal Trux * Jamie Saft Trio * Scenics * Ty Segall * Shabazz Palaces * Shannon & the Clams * Matthew Shipp Trio * Nina Simone * Sleater-Kinney * Slow Mass/Jenny Haniver * The Smile * TV Smith * Smug Brothers * Jon Snodgrass * Soft Shoulder * Sonic Youth * Sparks * Special Pillow * SS Decontrol * Joel Stoker * Kelley Stoltz * Suburban Resistance * Sun Ra * Superchunk * Susanna * Swervedriver/Bolts Of Melody * Swiims/Campbell Apartment * Art Tatum * 10,000 Maniacs * Tiger Witch * Times Beach * Mary Timony * Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders/Jeremy Porter & The Tucos/Norcos Y Horchata/Sleeveens * Torn Boys * Torrey/Ryann Gonsalves * Triceratops * T.S.O.L. * Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours * 23rd Turnoff * The Tyde * U.K. Subs * Umbrellas * Vampire Weekend * Vamps/Mystery Dates * Violet Mine * Virgin Prunes * Voxtrot * Wall Of Voodoo * Waterboys * Vampire Weekend * Mike Watt & Papa M * We Are Spectral * Jane Weaver * Paul Weller * The Who * Delroy Wilson & Ken Boothe * Amy Winehouse * Bernie Worrell * Xmal Deutschland/Anja Huwe * various: I See You Live On Love Street; Music From Laurel Canyon 1967-1975 * various: Jem Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards * various: Pushin’ Too Hard: American Garage Punk 1964-67 * various: You Can Walk Across It On The Grass: The Boutique Sound Of Swinging London * Peter Jesperson (book) * Mike Magrann (book) * Lou Reed With Laurie Anderson (book) * Paul Simpson (book), Katherine Yeske Taylor (book) * Trouser Press (book) * And Hundreds More!

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Hope you all buy the magazine now that it’s coming out! And/or hope you subscribe, as that is still by far the best way to support the print magazines you love if you want them to keep going. It means a lot to them – and us!

And hope you can share the gift of reading and passion for music with your family, friends, and anyone else who is interested! If we can help you, let us know!

And in this unusual time, we hope you are all well and staying that way.

Jack R