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Matt Lee: February 17, 2013

Top 10 February 17, 2013

NoTe: as always all of my top 10s are non-hierarchical!

  1. CANNONSCANNONS EP (Independent)

    One of my fave bands from Philly, CANNONS just slung this batch of of heavy, raw and subtly mathy tunes full of their trademark ripped and chopped riffs. I pretty much love everything they’ve done before and this collection of four cleverly named tracks measures up and exceeds the mark. Super chunky, psyched out jams to bliss out to, CANNONS never fucks around and gets better with each release.

  2. Loudbag – Demo (Cassette, Independent)

    Picked up this handmade tape of St Henri newcomer punx Loudbag recently, Demo is a sneeringly fun basement punk party with appropriately vapid lyrics mixed with pretty tight, fun jams. Dope, and with great tunes like “Welfare”, I’m stoked to catch them live.

  3. Uranium Orchard – 1st LP (Cold Vomit)

    These guys are from Ventura California, formed from former members of Dry Rot. Heard them late at night on WFMU and for the last month this has been my favorite album, all the right bends and twists of noise, lofi math punk with a deep respect for the occasional headbanging riff. Super cool.

  4. Oktoplut – s/t 7” – (Independent)

    These guys know how to riff, think stoner jams, with real burned out intensity. I dig the tone on the guitars and the crispy production on this little three song chunk of radness. Great!

  5. Predator Drone – We Die Soon (Independent)

    From the ever fertile pits of hardcore/noise/weird of Providence, RI, newcomers Predator Drone offer this blast of screaming redline heavy spazzcore. Great pounding bits of grind like noisy punches to the inner ear, really badass and awesomely painful.

  6. Dekoder – Demo (Cassette, Independent)

    Another St – Henri band, Dekoder a trio of driving, self-styled (and apt) “deathrock”.. combining a hypnotically driving gallop with crusty dynamics, obtuse lyrics with intense dynamics. The delayed guitars and interlocking, edge-of-the-earth melodies evoke minimalist and dark spaces, cathartic builds and pathos.

  7. Pneu – Highway To Health (Head)

    Awesome, epic, loud as fuck French band, Pneu seems to owe a bit to Lightning Bolt for sheer instrumental rock mayhem, but there’s a lot more riffing going on, chording around the noise, which is a joyful clamour indeed.

  8. Homeshake – The Homeshake Tape (Cassette, Fixture Records)

    Nicely packaged clutch of deceptively complex tunes on this tape from Montreal’s Homeshake . Obtuse and deliberately placed instrumentation floating a deadpan vocal and trippy fiddly bits.. at times the near-atonality and abstract harmonics feels like an affectation, but really the songs
    are short enough to engage without overstaying. The strongest aspects are the dry, shimmering quality to the production, sinewy guitar lines and surprising breaks. An awesome little cassette release from the well curated Fixture label.

  9. Blunderspublik – Barren Immensity (Panospria/Dub Ditch Picnic)

    Winnipeg-based minimalism and washed out decaying beauty sythscapes, Blunderspublik makes some finely multi textured dreamy tunes here that have a free form quality that belies the structure and fidelity in every one. A real trip through innerspace and private oasis of sound. Gorgeous. One of my fave tracks on the album is the sublime cover of Tyrannosaurus Rex ‘s “She Was Born To Be My Unicorn”. Available digitally from Panospria and on Cassette from Dub Ditch Picnic Records.

  10. Noah23 – Wingfoot (Independent)

    Venerated king of hip hop in the Guelph region, Noah23 ‘s been kicking it for a while, and this batch of smoked out jams is a hard and trippy showcase of his rhyming skills which are honed are hard as fuck. The beats are chill and bassy underpinning the masterful flow of this undersung Canadian MC legend.


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