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    1. 27 June 2014

      Rasputina: 21st Century Victorians

      “When Rasputina started we didn’t have anyone to emulate. My naiveté turned out to be a real blessing because it seemed obvious to use cello instead of guitar. I wasn’t going to get a guitarist or learn just so I could have a band,” laughed Creager.


      18 June 2014

      It's Normal For Me: Jad Fair's Busy 2014 Schedule

      2014 shows no signs of Fair slowing down his collaborations or Half Japanese.


      7 Seconds 2014
      19 May 2014

      7 Seconds Shine With Leave A Light On

      “Hardcore indirectly gave my natural big mouth a megaphone. It nurtured the activism within my heart and made me appreciate the idea of unity and community,” shared Kevin.


      13 February 2014

      Doomriders: From Darkness To Catharsis

      “I get really down on hateful music that has no point. What good is it if all you’re doing is screaming about how angry you are if there’s no type of catharsis for you?” stated Newton.


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      Video premiere: "New Born Feat. Ummagma" by Sounds of Sputnik

      31 July 2014

      Russia’s Sounds of Sputnik has paired up with Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma for his debut album, New Born.


      U.S. Video Premiere: "Mas o Menos Bien" by El Mató a un Policía Motorizado

      29 July 2014

      Rock n’ roll is a universal language, and you can’t find better evidence of that than this fine new song from Argentina’s renowned melodic noise rockers.


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