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    1. The Sharp Things photo by Alex Brown
      11 December 2013

      The Sharp Things: Grand Ambition

      Bandleader Perry Serpa on the NYC ensemble’s four-album series and the special challenges of running a rock orchestra.


      The Julie Ruin
      24 September 2013

      DIY or Die; Kathleen Hanna Returns with The Julie Ruin

      “There’s no higher compliment than to get feedback in person. To have someone come up to you 20 years later and say something you wrote saved their life is very gratifying, especially when you look back to when you first wrote it and wondered if anyone was even listening.”


      12 July 2013

      Dead Ending Release Second LP; Bondi Talks Punk Politics

      “Every time you hear that noise that says ‘We are the makers and you people are the takers’, there has to be some kind of soundtrack to that which says ‘fuck you’. I want to be part of that soundtrack,” stated Bondi.


      22 May 2013

      “Rich:” Beme The Rapper in Oakland

      Beme’s rap goes beyond the mere food/shit dichotomy. Beme’s “shit talk” is also music; the body is not a bank, but the music is rooted in the breath, the free improvisatory flow of words that are also tethered to the formalism of rhyme. Talk is ex-lax; rap betters the talking cure. It, too, is a work out that can make you less hungry. As a mural from the Oakland-based Community Rejuvenation Project suggests: there’d be less eating disorders and drug addictions if people were allowed to talk more, if word-jazz and singing were more acceptable. In this sense, Richard Berman is wrong: it’s harder to solve the obesity crisis by keeping your mouth closed. The extra energy you get from dieting has to go somewhere.


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    2. Big Takeover news

      Exclusive video premiere: "Overthrow" by Joel Gion

      15 April 2014

      An exclusive first taste of the BJM tambourine man’s solo debut!


      This week's "Big Takeover on Breakthru Radio" show!: new Jimi Goodwin (Doves), Fresh and Onlys, Carsick Cars, Bubblegum Lemonade, and a Vancouver 1979 punk set (R.I.P. D.O.A.'s Dave Gregg)--and Esquerita too!

      14 April 2014

      Also on this week’s show: Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band, [Vancouver 79 tribute: Private School, D.O.A., Dishrags, Young Canadians, Subhumans (Canada)], Cheatahs, Seasurfer, Nothing, New Model Army, Minor Alps, Blake Rainey & His Demons, HeadShy, and William Fitzsimmons


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