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Elizabeth Klisiewicz: January 15, 2012

My Top Ten List of 2011

I spent a lot of time creating my Top Ten List, only to lose the entire list into cyberspace. Because I am not blessed with copious amounts of spare time, this list will be brief. In no particular order, here is my list.

  1. The Dum Dum GirlsOnly In Dreams

    This rocks on too many levels to count. I love “Coming Down” and “In My Head”. These ladies are quite possibly the best of the ‘heavy reverb girl group’ bands.

  2. The Lucy ShowRemembrances

    This is a really good collection of outtakes and alternate versions by the Lucies. There are hints of Richard Butler and Adrian Borland

  3. WireRed Barked Tree

    This rarely strayed from my queue during the first 6 months of 2011. Their best since 154, and chock full of their usual venom.

  4. Meg BairdSeasons On Earth

    Baird is a member of Espers, but her solo work is stunning. This is deftly played and sung folk and country tinged music. For the House of Love cover of “Beatles and Stones” alone, this is worth picking up.

  5. Laura MarlingA Creature I Don’t Know

    To see such stellar talent at such a young age bodes well for the longevity of Marling’s career. Channeling Joni Mitchell (Blue, Court and Spark era) and Sandy Denny when she’s not putting her own spin on things, this is another fantastic release that is not to be missed.

  6. Robert ScottEnds Run Together

    Scott is one of NZ’s venerated artists, and this is quite possibly his best work. Joined by Clean band mate David Kilgour and other NZ musicians, this is a far cry from his earlier solo work and would sound right at home on a Bats or Dean and Britta record. Terrific.

  7. Deep CutDisorientation

    Mat Flint‘s band might be the second coming of Lush. Emma Bailey is a ringer for Miki Berenyi on such stunners as “Dead Inside Your Heart”. Great all around.

  8. The Morning After GirlsAlone

    Here is another band my friend John Norris turned me onto, and boy, am I glad he did. This Australian by way of New York band has all the hallmarks of a classic psych-pop band: soaring vocals and choruses and spaced out guitar. “Part Of Your Nature” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

  9. SloanThe Double Cross

    This band puts out one amazing album after another, and The Double Cross is no exception. My favorite track is the lovely, acoustic tune, “Green Gardens, Cold Montreal.”

  10. Tim HeckerDropped Pianos

    Hecker released an earlier album in January, 2011 called Ravedeath 1972. This album is a collection of outtakes from that session, and it’s lovely, ambient music. For those who have not heard Hecker’s mind-expanding electronic compositions, this is a good introduction. I reviewed this over at Headphone Commute a few months back.


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