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AJ Morocco: April 22, 2012

Records Store Day 2012

This Saturday was the 5th annual record store day, I spent mine at Wax Trax Records in Denver. In addition to the stack of 60’s psych records I snagged, here is (almost) everything I picked up!

  1. Stooges – Raw Power 2xLP

    Gatefold remaster, the 2nd LP includes the original Bowie mix, comes w/ 16 page booklet. Still one of the loudest, greatest records ever made. A blueprint for living.

  2. Avengers – 7” EP’s

    Avengers reissued three 7” EP’s, all on colored vinyl. Slightly updated artwork, different from the Dangerhouse boots that came out in 2000/2001. As staff writer Matthew Berylant said last week, they are preparing for a slew of reissues, including a 2 CD discography and a 2 LP repress of their 1983 “pink record” (the one on CD Presents), which is being released by the incredible 4 Men with Beards label. Former singer Penelope Houston is also releasing a solo record this month, apparently taking a somewhat different direction than some of her earlier folk-themed recordings. Houston will be in Denver on May 30th for a spoken word / lecture engagement as a part of MCA Denver’s punk in museums project.

  3. Devo – Live in Seattle LP

    Didn’t get one. :(. But I’m tracking one down as I type this.

  4. Black Angels – Lonely 7”

    Been nursing a minor obsession with this band since 2006. Can’t wait for a new full length. Great guitar tone, heavier-than-lead rhythm section, incredible droney instrumental sections. Let’s not even get into their lyrics and multi-textured choruses, I could go on for days.

  5. Mike Watt & the Missingmen/The Chuck Dukowski Sextet – 7”

    Nobody could have predicted that punks would age, or that they would be recording well into their retirement. Or that were capable of anything this classy. Or that anyone living in 2012 would give a shit. Three cheers for humanity!

  6. Cause For Alarm – 7” EP

    Debut EP from one of the best NYC hardcore bands ever. Didn’t get a copy, but that’s OK. I know this thing backwards and forwards already.

  7. 25 Rifles – EP

    7” EP from this Denver post-punk band. Ex-members of a ton of other bands. Sounds a lot like Husker Du, which is always a good thing. Saw them at Yellow Feather Cafe last year and was pretty impressed with their wall of sound.

  8. Ultravox – singles

    Had my eye on a bunch of Ultravox singles, hid a few of them in the store for later. The problem with Ultravox is still that new wave ledge, a drop-off that happens around 1983-1984 that can’t be explained away or excused. I love their early material, although their graphic design and lyrics were great until the mid-80’s. Just can’t get over those synths.

  9. Black Market Baby – Potential Suicide / Youth Crimes 7”

    Reissue on Dr. Strange. THE record that started DC hardcore! It was a toss up between this and a bootleg of Black Flag‘s “Licorice Pizza” EP and I went for BMB.

  10. Eyes – TAQN 10”

    Great Dangerhouse LA punk band, pretty sure this is a bootleg. Not really sure if it matters, half of this stuff exists in a legal dead zone anyway. TAQN stands for Take A Quaalude Now, advice that is now kind of laughable, not to mention unachievable. But. Still a great record!