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AJ Morocco: June 5, 2011

New releases: June 2011

  1. The Men – Leave Home (Sacred Bones)

    High energy post-punk with tons of noise, power chords and freak-out experimentation. Kind of like Terminal Cheesecake covering early Black Flag. There is a haze of guitars on this record that is a mile thick in some places.

  2. Imperial Rooster – Decent People (Comidas Rapidos)

    Second LP from this six piece rebel alt-folk band from New Mexico. Equal parts Pogues, Tom Waits and Cramps. Inside of their rough exterior they reveal lazy melodies and crazy tales of debauchery. But the best things about Rooster is still their tendency towards lots and lots of vocal parts, something that is missing from art school neu-folk in abundance.

  3. White Laces – 12” (Shdwply)

    Dreamy and dissonant guitar driven post-punk, something like early Wipers or Pixies but with swelling choruses, lush duel guitar layers and great, natural vocals. Outstanding production.

  4. Cave In – White Silence (Hydrahead)

    Their first full length since 2005’s Perfect Pitch Black. It seems that Cave In is now more comfortable taking chances than ever – this record proves it. I’m not going to compare it to their other releases because this is obviously the beginning of a whole new cycle. “Sing My Loves” was a huge surprise (it could have easily fit onto Jupiter) and is the best over-saturated blow out they’ve written in years.

  5. My Morning Jacket – Circuital (ATO / Red)

    A return to form after a slight deviation. This band kind of reminds me of ELO, and I mean that in the best possible sense. They aren’t afraid to try new things and (even this late in their career) are still pulling inspiration from a wide variety of musical sources. Like any record from these guys, it has it’s WTF moments of insane bliss as well as it’s quiet reflective underside. Check out “Holdin on to Black Metal” and “The Day Is Coming”.

  6. Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts (Matador)

    Really enjoyed this record. Great production and remarkable songwriting as usual. Super into “Orchard Street” and “Benediction”.

  7. Television – Kingdom Come (bootleg)

    Ten song bootleg of songs that didn’t make it onto Marquee Moon or Adventure. Lots of great stuff here that I hadn’t heard before. Details and download

  8. Forma – s/t LP (Spectrum Spools)

    Electronic kraut-rock, not unlike Subway. Songs ranges from free-form minimalistic texture pieces to full on, 24 piece symphonic assaults.

  9. Urban Waste – s/t (Mad at The World)

    Twelve minutes of fast and chaotic early NY hardcore, originally released as a 7” in 1982, now reissued on 12” by Mad at The World. Has been described by many people as having the best vocals on a hardcore record ever. Whatever happened to old New York?

  10. Dwarves – Lick It (Recess)

    Not a new release by any means but I recently unearthed a copy and developed a greater appreciation for these fuck ups. Their early songs have so much more energy than their 90’s material. Which is still good, just not as good as their original 30 songs.


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