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AJ Morocco: September 26, 2010

  1. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (4AD)

    Record of the year.

  2. Women – Public Strain (Jagjaguwar)

    Women are a four piece art rock band from Calgary. Ive heard a lot of mixed reviews about this record, but the reality is that Public Strain is an incredible follow up to their 2008 debut. And as usual – stunning design and great packaging. Sonically these guys are all over the place. Their songs never stand still long enough for you to see them clearly, and that’s what makes them so incredible. Some copies of the LP come with a bonus 7” with non-lp tracks.

  3. The Imperial Rooster – Good Old Poor Crazy Dead (self released)

    The Imperial Rooster are self described “Gonzo roots” band made up of seven guys from Espanola, New Mexico. I should mention that this isn’t your average bearded folk band of art school dropouts, Espanola is the low rider capital of America, you don’t grow up there with any kind of delusions about your station in life. And lyrically, this band is a reflection of that city. Rooster uses banjo, mandolin and slide guitar to create unique and catchy tunes that will get stuck in your head for days. Check out “Your Friends Think I’m The Devil” and “Uranium Mole” here

  4. Hot White – Cassette (Nail In The Coffin)

    The first proper release from this Denver noise / no wave trio. I’m not sure why there are so many half naked people in the ad and on the cover, but I’m sure they would invent a fictitious explanation if you asked them. Available here for $5. Highly recommended.

  5. The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon)

    Incredible dark psychedelica with post punk overtones. Lots of great stuff going on here musically, as usual these guys just put everything out on the table and show that they are not afraid to try anything to fuck with you sonically. The recording is a complete monster, hasn’t left my side in a week.

  6. Nederland Skatepark Benefit show

    Saturday October 2nd there is a benefit show for a DIY skatepark in Nederland, Colorado, which is about an hour and change outside Denver. Five punk rock and hardcore bands are playing, including Expiation, Guns N’ Rosa Parks, The Beer Boys, Dick Widler and Gnarce. When was the last time you went to a Saturday matinee show? It’s been far too long for me, that’s for sure. Six bucks, show starts at 2, outside at Nathan Lazarus Skatepark on East Street.

  7. Wovenhand & Serena Maneesh

    Wovenhand is from Denver and features David Eugene Edwards and Pascal Humbert, both of whom used to be in 16 Horsepower. Wovenhand plays traditional gothic folk music that will slip into your subconscious undetected. Serena Maneesh is female fronted shoegaze band from Norway. Friday night at The Bluebird.

  8. Seconds In Formaldehyde – A Shiver in Red (self released)

    Made-for-headphones German ambient drone. Written, recored, engineered and released by Martin Fuhs, This particular LP from last year was limited to 300 copies on vinyl, but there is plenty of other great music on their website

  9. Crocodiles – Sleep Forever (Fat Possum)

    I was really looking forward to this after hearing the single they released a few weeks ago. Crocodiles play psych rock, the kind you might hear if you went to a basement show at The Munsters house. Shiftless teenage anthems with lots of reverb.

  10. Modern English – Swans on Glass 7” (4AD)

    This band kept coming up last week in my travels. This is their third EP, recorded and released in 1980 on 4AD. This was two years before they wrote “I’ll Stop The World…”, and shows the band at the high point of their post punk phase. Honestly I’m having a hard time believing that Modern English were once this good. Both songs have unique and interesting vocal parts, crazy percussion and synths, making this sound like some kind of forgotten Wire 7”.


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