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Wrath of Typhon - "Avenger" EP (Eleventh Key)

Wrath of Typhon Avenger Eleventh Key
18 January 2012

For me, doom metal goes two ways. There’s ass-kicking heavy metal from the likes of say Electric Wizard, Melvins, Negative Reaction and Cathedral. Then there’s the lead-in-the-boots drawl of bands that play one beat every 30 seconds and think it’s really “evil.” Granted, France’s Monarch have released some truly awesome material but, for the most part, that stuff gets tedious after five minutes. Point is, Wrath of Typhon fall into the former category of ass-kicking HM, complete with head-banging Black Sabbath grooves, noodling (but to-the-point) guitar solos and vocals that range from a Lemmy-esque growl to a Rob Halford screech in the same sentence.

Applying old-school business sense to the modern music market, this EP is available as a free downloadable single of sorts through Eleventh Key to promote Wrath of Typhon’s full-length, Speak from the Fire. Included is the powerful studio recording of “Avenger,” as well as frantic live recordings of “Avenger,” “Rise King Rise” and the album’s title track, all of which conjure masses of leather, sweat and denim.

If you like your music to have brass balls, Wrath of Typhon is the band for you. And if you’re not so sure, you can download this stellar EP for free, then shell out your money for the full-length because you know it’s gonna rock the way you want it, need it to. You will fear the Wrath of Typhon, and you will love doing so.

Download the Avenger single for free from Eleventh Key.