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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Theee Bat vs Atomic Suplex split 7" (Swamp Fiction)

8 November 2010

An auspicious slab of totally gone rock n scream from Japan by way of Middletown New York’s Swamp Fiction label. Now that Japan totally owns the garage punk scene wholesale, some of their best bands are starting to percolate across the Pacific, showing up the lukewarm western halfway rockers. I mean they rock like they are about to DIE. Both of the bands repping here on this hot mustard colored 7” slab rock giant circles around whatever hipster crap is passing for garage over here in North America. UK-based Atomic Suplex charge right in with their fuzzy giant “Theme”, complete with Gruesomes -esque “Hey!” chorus and nasty sax. The second track “Diamond Skull” throws some SFX around before stepping right on your throat with a slab of scraping, searing call and response rock n roll mania. The flip sees Theee Bat throwing down absolute red-line boogie on “Bats L.U.V.” and the shattering and huge riffs in “Willie The Wild One”. An incredible slab of searing garage perfection that leaves you totally breathless and wanting a whole lot more!

People, sit up and take notice.. the east is rising. It’s not just Guitar Wolf anymore holding that torch. More and more Japanese bands are plugging into big muffs knowing, seemingly, exactly what to do with em! Sadly since our continents are so far apart, we mostly have to rely on tight, rock as fuck releases like this little beauty. Until you can experience some real Japan rock revival live, support these labels and artists by ordering a record or three!


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