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The History of Apple Pie - Out of View (Marshall Teller Records)

25 January 2013

British indiepop band The History of Apple Pie may have a name that is winsomely twee, but as you delve into their debut album, Out of View, don’t let cutesy name fool you; they are a potent band who are adept at making blissfully sweet dreampop, and it’s no surprise, then, that the band has quickly gained a following in their native land. Recalling the era when Lush and Velocity Girl were beloved, yet with a rawer grunge-like edge, this is 21st century shoegazing at its finest. The potent dueling guitars of Jerome Watson and Aslam Ghauri are tempered with the cooing siren-song of Stephane Min, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the poppy confections of “Mallory” and “You’re So Cool,” When they slow things down and get rather trippy on “Before You Reach the End” and “I Want More,” you realize that this young band is a sonic force to be reckoned with. Out of View is an impressive debut for any young band, and The History of Apple Pie is a band you should pay attention to.


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