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Tachyon - Teleportation EP (Self-Released)

12 April 2014

I’m not one to follow trends, and I know, everyone says that, but I’m genuinely happy that Daft Punk has helped bring artistically-leaning yet soulful electronic dance music back to the forefront. Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of it isn’t that great, but Tachyon is definitely an exception. A duo comprised of trombonist-turned-singer/songwriter Jonathan Arons and Juilliard trumpet player-turned-music producer James Cage, Tachyon is releasing their new EP, Teleportation.

You may remember Arons as the viral-celebrity the “Dancing Trombonist” from America’s Got Talent, but this group goes so far beyond the novelty of that act. A lot of it is influenced by soul, but there are a lot of weirder and pleasantly surprising elements, even on a single song including the use of harpsichord to hints of metal on “Made Dreams”. But the majority of this EP is just great, danceable soul from the slow jams of “Aliens” to the pure, hip-shaking rhythms of “Circles.”

Occasionally the group gets too weird for its own good, but for the most part it works as fun and interesting experimentation, and almost never does it get impeded on the music itself. For instance, there seems to inexplicably be what sounds like either barks or clucks on “Why Did I Leave You”, but it’s still a fantastic song, and, perhaps, the greatest on the EP. The aforementioned “Made Dreams” may be the only example where it somewhat gets away from them.

Teleportation was released April 8th, and I highly suggest checking it out. You might be skeptical about how someone deemed the “dancing trombone player” could possibly create music wholly credible, and that’s expected. I thought it myself. However, come for the novelty of Arons’ name, and stay for the grooves. It’s worth it.


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