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Ringo Deathstarr-God’s Dream (Vinyl Junkie Records)

God's Dream album art
2 January 2014

This Austin band’s EP was released on 12/18 as a Japanese only release on Vinyl Junkie Records. The 9 songs are somewhat indicative of where they are headed musically rather than what has come before. You can expect to be sonically drenched with the usual My Bloody Valentine shoegaze leanings, but also realize that this label is too limiting. Play spot the influence if you want, but that might detract from enjoying a solid release from RD. For example, “God’s Dream” would not be out of place on a Pale Saints album, but it stands on its own as a classic slab of ‘gaze. “Chainsaw Morning Bubble Mix” channels Smashing Pumpkins, but the cool synth lines make it unique. The same goes for “Nowhere”, where discordant guitar and crashing percussion veer it away from the mainstream. “Frisbee” is a Japanese bonus track with muscular guitar riffs laying the foundation for vocals buried way beneath, and one of the other Japanese only tracks (“Convertible”) sounds like a lost MBV track. Expect a US release sometime in the near future.