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Neorev - Children of the Bomb (Neorev)

Neorev Children of the Bomb
3 May 2012

After a year and a half or so, Neorev, aka Long Island’s Michael Matteo, has returned with a powerhouse sophomore effort designed to give a swift kick to the genitals of electronic dance music.

Where Neorev’s first album, Lines & Shapes, was an engaging, though upbeat, effort aimed at the dance floor, Children of the Bomb is a much darker affair that focuses on the sinister sonics of dubstep. Here, Matteo excels; his fuzzy, wobbling bass attacks with an ominous vengeance that leaves the listener feeling a bit uneasy. This isn’t your pop radio dubstep, this is the sound of empty city streets at night, where rats run rampant and the silhouettes in the shadows are either muggers out to get you or twisted figments of your imagination. These are the dirty, grimy, sleazy sounds of cyberpunk incarnate.

Children of the Bomb is a bona fide electronic classic composed with integrity and produced without pretension. It’s a lead-fisted punch in the face to bland electronica everywhere. Buy this album and kick some ass.