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Infernal Overdrive – Last Rays of the Dying Sun (Small Stone)

Infernal Overdrive Last Rays of the Dying Sun
2 February 2012

Veteran rocker Marc Schleicher has abused amplifiers in Quintaine Americana and the criminally underrated Cracktorch – now he’s blasting away as leader of Infernal Overdrive. Last Rays of the Dying Sun, the New Jersey quartet’s debut LP, gleefully wallows in hard rock excess from the Me and Greed Decades, injecting some of the back alley vibe of the latter into the marijuana-saturated atmosphere of the former. Which is to say these cuts have more drive than your average stoner rock band, but more warmth than a 80s revival act – somewhere in the middle of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, if you will. It all boils down, as it should, to riffs, and Schleicher and company rock the ones in “Duel,” “Cage” and “Deported to Jersey” into the ground. It’s anybody’s guess why “Motor” needs to be 14 minutes long, though it does give the band a chance to get psychedelic. Otherwise Infernal Overdrive keeps it concise and sharp, like a hunting knife. “Electric Street Cred” indeed.


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