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Dwellers – Good Morning Harakiri (Small Stone)

Dwellers Good Morning Harakiri
20 March 2012

Blasting from the ashes of Iota comes Dwellers, bearing the debut Good Morning Harakiri. Led by guitarist Joey Toscano, the trio lays down thick, viscous grooves that keep one foot planted in good, green earth and another on Planet X. Driven by Toscano’s roaring riffs and burly bottleneck solos, tunes like “Lightening Ritual” and “Vultures” drill down into the substrata, through the earth’s molten core and out into the galaxy. Toscano’s growl suffices nicely, but it’s really his expansive axe work that’s the raison d’etre of these tracks. Cut to the chase with the blazing “Black Bird,” a distillation of Dwellers’ aesthetic in six-and-a-half minutes of mind-frying, cosmic riffology, and see if you can still walk in a straight line afterwards.


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