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Video Premiere: "Blame The Bankers" by The Sharp Things

The Sharp Things
17 September 2013

Photo by Alex Brown

This is a really rare case for this writer; a video where I like the band, the song, and the sociopolitical sentiment a great deal—an extremely rare triple play for me in an era where independent musicians are less inclined to stick their neck out and speak to the times (used to be more of a norm in the punk-era days, even for non-punk bands). And if you would like a graphic to illustrate in economic terms what these folks are singing about, even five years later, I refer you to this handy chart.

Or you can just enjoy the great music even if you don’t speak English (and even if you don’t speak any human written language, the video will speak all the language you need)! It’s the perfect accompaniment to last Saturday’s New York Times column by Charles Blow.


The Sharp Things perform September 26 at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.


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