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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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Big Takeover New Address!! Update your Rolodex! / Blockbuster HALF OFF Month-Long Moving Sale! / TV Smith Live Studio Session for "Rabid in the Kennel" on

1 August 2009

NEWS1>> T.V. Smith (Adverts) in session, live in the studio and interviewed on “Rabid in the Kennel,” airs this Monday, hear it now! at

NEWS2>> Big Takeover Magazine new address (Update your records!)

NEWS 3>> Big Takeover August-long blowout Moving Sale! Buy one, get one free, half-off sale all month long for back issues and CDs! What a sale!


Hello! Three quick things:

1. Our second-ever live performance and interview program, Rabid In The Kennel,, airs this coming Monday, August 3, and features veteran punk rock legend of Adverts fame, T.V. Smith! He plays a few Adverts and solo songs live in the studio, without overdubs, accompanying a thoughtful and fun interview I conducted.

You can listen to that show right now, and at anytime in the future, by clicking here!

On September 21 we will welcome Joe Pernice, star singer/songwriter of Pernice Brothers and author of the brand new, terrific novel, It Feels So Good When I Stop. Can’t Wait! We love Joe Pernice!

Visit to see exclusive photos and videos of both sessions, access an archive of past shows and get news about upcoming shows — we’ve got some really exciting artists in the wings!

Last month’s debut session with The Posies, and T.V. Smith from this month, are both available in the RITK session archive , where you’ll also find a link to subscribe to my show’s podcast using iTunes.

The show is accepting submissions from unsigned and independent artists to be considered for a session or have their music played on my weekly show. For details, visit

I hope you take the opportunity to listen to The Posies, T.V. Smith, Joe Pernice, or any of the great artists and bands we’ll be featuring in the months to come!

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2. HEY, THE BG TAKEOVER IS MOVING! Here is our new address, effective immediately. Please update your virtual or old style rolodexes or address books (the email address remains the same):

Big Takeover Magazine/Jack Rabid
356 4th St., Upper Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Wish us luck in our new offices, just down the road a piece in Brooklyn!


To both celebrate the move, and to lighten our moving load, we are having a blockbuster “buy-one, get-one-free” sale on all our 64 back issues and our numerous cds this entire month!

Whenever you order a back issue or CD, you can get another one for free. If you order 1 back issue (even the new issue 64) you can gave one free back issue. Or if you order 5 back issues, you can have 5 free ones! Or if you order 10 back issues, you can have 10 free! Likewise, 20 free ones for 20 bought. Etc. etc.! What a deal!

Just order as usual at our secure online store and in the “comments” section, write “AUGUST MOVING SALE!” and the number(s) of the free issues you would like included with your order. (or write them down on a piece of paper and enclose it with a check made out to “Big Takeover” at the new address above).

NOTE: Issues 32 and 34 from 1992 and 1993 remain sold out (they can only be ordered as Xerox reprints), but all other back issues are fair game! These include our three sets of early, punk rock issues from 1980-1983, 1-8, 9-11, and 12-15. All three sets qualify for this sale for either purchase or as your free issue(s) you want included.

(And if you want to get a COMPLETE SET of Big Takeovers, issues 1-64, during this special sale period, that is normally discounted from $270 to $210, but during the month of August will also be half off, so it will only be $135! We will need to set up a special button on our yahoo store for this, and we will next week, but in the meantime, you can send us a check if you want to do that, or you can email us for another way to pay by credit card or paypal —3% extra on all paypal payments, though, to cover their draconian fees.)

Likewise, all our CDS are on sale, namely our three Springhouse albums and EP on CD (three out of print, the other new and limited edition art package!), as well as vinyl (the first LP), albums by my other two old bands, Last Burning Embers and Even Worse; and CDs by Doug Gillard, EDP, and Non-Linear Thinkers. (Note, we no longer carry the Don McGlashan CD). Same thing, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! Just let us know in the comments section of the order form which ones you want for free and write in AUGUST MOVING SALE” and we can easily take it from there.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up the new issue 64
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Thanks again, and hope you take advantage of our special sale, hope you order the new issue 64 out now, and hope you enjoy the new Rabid in the Kennel show with TV. Smith!

Yours truly,
Jack R