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Exclusive album premiere: False Dancers by Monogamy Party

Monogamy Party
10 September 2013

Seattle’s Good To Die Records is making its name this year. Following Gaytheist’s very good Hold Me… But Not So Tight, released in May, Monogamy Party’s False Dancers is equally spirited (read: loud and exciting), while lacking even the smallest glimmer of politeness. It’s a tough album. It’s also streaming exclusively on this week, in advance of its September 17 release date.

The trio that recorded 2011’s Pus City EP has now expanded into a traditional quartet—singer Kennedy, bassist Yos-wa, drummer Keith and new guitarist Ricky—but this standard rock unit lineup only exacerbates, rather than leavens, Monogamy Party’s noise, to excellent effect. “Abandoned cars and garbage and metal everywhere,” Kennedy says about the hoarder’s property in meth country where the band stayed and conceived the album. That would explain the formidable junkyard nature of False Dancers, but there’s also an amazing specificity to this broken playground of sound, as recorded by Austin Thomason (Jeremy Enigk, Pleasureboaters). For the listener, it’s no second-hand experience of garbage and metal. Listen below, and gaze into the world’s heap along with the band.