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The Big Takeover Issue #88
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Big Takeover #70 Out Now! (Sample quotes) Great Gifts! Order - Subscribe - Renew

The Big Takeover issue #70
23 June 2012

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Good news! Big Takeover #70 Spring 2012 issue with Brooklyn’s Nada Surf on the cover and concluding part two of our awesome interviews with Vivian Girls, as well as special features on The Descendents, ’60s stars Love (on Da Capo & Forever Changes), Nuggets/Patti Smith legend Lenny Kaye, Veronica Falls, Dum Dum Girls, Real Estate, Cardinal, and New Zealand’s Flying Nun label (30-Year Anniversary) is out on the stands! A full description of its contents, including several juicy sample quotes, are sprinkled below!

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Or if you want to order just issue 70, you can send us a check for $6 to that address or order it.

Here, again, is what’s in the new issue 70, with some sample quotes:

Nada Surf (cover)
“[Before writing] ‘Clear Eye Clouded Mind,’ I was reading the [2006] Cormac McCarthy book The Road, and I was just feeling out of touch with nature, that I’ve been staring too long at the computer. And ‘No Snow on the Mountain’ is pretty literal. I read this [2008 *Mark Lynas*’] book Six Degrees [Our Future on a Hotter Planet], which is about what will happen with every degree the median temperature goes up, and it got too terrifying. Our album’s title, which is an expression of my dad’s, also resonated with me because climate change is indifferent to your belief in it. A climate change denier isn’t going to be saved by that. ‘It can’t be happening, I didn’t believe it.‘”

The Descendents
“None of my Cool To Be You songs were about teenage themes. ‘One More Day’ was about my trying to take care of my father before he passed away; ‘Anchor Grill’ was about falling victim to the world’s responsibilities, and falling out of love with your partner, and having your life turn into a bunch of boring, workaday bullshit; and the song about my daughter, ‘Maddie,’ involved some strange parental stuff. We were mixing a song, and Jason Livermore turns to me and says, ‘Going for the over 30 crowd, huh?’”

‘60s stars Love
“[Regarding “Stephanie Knows Who”:] Arthur [Lee] and Bryan [MacLean] were both vying for the affections of the beautiful Stephanie [Buffington] sometime before the Da Capo sessions got underway. But I think perhaps most people underestimate the damage done to Arthur and Bryan’s friendship when Stephanie went back to Bryan, just before the album was recorded. I mean, yeah, “Stephanie Knows Who,” [i.e the song title] and it’s Bryan, not Arthur like he thought! I know it sounds like a lot of soap opera crap, but that episode became a cancer that eventually destroyed the band.”

Dum Dum Girls
“I grew up in a house full of music and I was the weirdo in my middle school listening to Jefferson Airplane. I was a studious, quiet darkling with a disconnected understanding of music history. When I went off to college, I started piecing it all together. I had a real late-bloomer punk phase at 20.”

Lenny Kaye (Nuggets, Patti Smith Band guitarist)
“Nah, Jac Holzman [Elektra Records founder] gave me complete free reign [compiling 1972’s Nuggets]. In fact, after the first meeting we had about Nuggets, in which he described his vision of an album made up of those songs that were the one good cut on every album… I think he had just gotten one of the first cassette machines and was looking to consolidate his record collection. And he gave me a list of about four or five songs. But I was kind of a young rebel, so I just put together the songs that I liked.”

Vivian Girls part 2
“IIf you want to get really psychoanalytical, I think the reason that I like America so much, is that my parents are immigrants. And when I was growing up, I was kind of a rebellious kid. My parents tried to instill Polish pride in me, so I was like, ‘No, I’m an American’ and wanted to fit in with my classmates—and everyone thought I was weird.”

Flying Nun label 30th Anniversary (founder Roger Shepherd)
“The U.S.A. seemed huge to us New Zealanders, and we were overwhelmed by the expenses. There are many ex-pat New Zealanders in London, but some in the U.K. snubbed their noses at us, the commonwealth and all. In Australia, you must make them think that you’re an Aussie band before they embrace you. They are chest-beating, brash patriots and us Kiwis are too quiet!”

Veronica Falls
“[On making the whole album in 3-4 days:] Up until [The Beatles*’ 1966] Revolver-era, people were not spending that much time. Like *The Hollies [1967 #11 hit] “On a Carousel,” that’s an amazing single. I think that they had to be better singers then, because they couldn’t do the editing you do now.”

Real Estate
“People say that we sound like The Beach Boys because they’re trying to make some kind of shore reference. That said, I think it’s cool that Brian Wilson is playing with those guys again.”

Cardinal‘s Richard Davies on bandmate Eric Matthews
“We actually only ever played one Cardinal show in the early days and it was a disaster. It was at the Middle East [Cambridge, MA] in front of our girlfriends and the soundman—with Eric shying away from the microphone and me shouting and encouraging, ‘Sing, man, sing!’ But I don’t think Eric actually likes playing live.”

Other Interviews
Thomas Dolby * Cloud Nothings * Toronto punk-era greats The Scenics * Cursive * The Twilight Sad * Deep Cut * Twin Sister * Peter Stampfel * Widowspeak

Rabid: “Turn out the Lights on the Age of Reason: A Clear Electoral Choice in 2012” * Polk: “Lamenting the Decline of Major Labels” * Sommer: “The Beatles Century Is Over”

Live Reviews
Chameleons-Vox (and Black Swan Lane) * Hugh Cornwell * Damned * Joy Formidable * Pains of Being Pure at Heart * Scud Mountain Boys * Swervedriver * Waldos (and Fleshtones) * Wedding Present (and Jet Age) * Zounds

Hundreds of CD Reviews
The Avengers * Chris Bailey & H-Burns * Bats * Beach Boys * Björk * The Chambermaids * C.I.A. * Cold Heart Re-Press * Dandy Warhols * Miles Davis Quintet * Deadbeats * Decemberists * Deep Cut * Desario * Diodes * Dirty Three * John Doe (and Exene) * exlovers * Ben Folds * Guided By Voices * Jimi Hendrix * Honeychurch * Jet Black * Janis Joplin * Lambchop * Mark Lanegan Band * The Lucy Show * The Manic Low * Maximo Park * John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers * Moonbell * Of Montreal * Puddle * R.E.M. * Frankie Rose * Ruts D.C. * Shins * Paul Simon * The Sound * Strawberry Whiplash * St. Vincent * Strawberry Alarm Clock * Successful Failures * Superchunk * Rufus Thomas * Sharon Van Etten * M. Ward * Paul Weller * Whipping Boy * Yuck * Bloodied But Unbowed (Vancouver ‘70s punk film) * Smiths tribute * and more!!

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Jack R

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