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Blog Write-up/Photos of Last Week's Big Takeover Party / New Issue #59 En Route!

20 November 2006

First off, thanks to all who helped with or came to our first ever low-key/low-watt afternoon party, nine days ago on the 11th, at Sound Fix Records’ adjacent Fix Café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you were there, or in case you missed it and want to know what it was like and want to see some photos of the event (including all three appearing artists, former MUTTONBIRDS’ leader DON MCGLASHAN, exBOO RADLEYS guitarist MARTIN CARR, and SPRINGHOUSE singer MITCH FRIEDLAND), there’s a generous—in both senses of the word—blog item with five photos at

(Scroll down a little; and click on the photos if you want to view them larger.)

It was an enormous success, as you can probably tell from the blog write-up and the shots. I really had an excellent time, as you further tell from the happy look on my face in the photo where it’s clear I am amazed to be introducing McGlashan, all the way from New Zealand. (As I recall saying right then, Auckland is 9000 miles from here in New York. San Francisco, by illustration, is “only” 2500 miles away.) It looked like all three artists, and everyone in attendance, and our colleague/alumni JAMES BRADLEY, Sound Fix’s proprietor were pleased with it as well. So it’s looks to be a sure bet that we will do another one! (In fact, James informed me, the store had its biggest day ever, which I think says a lot for Big Takeover readers! I don’t even know if that counted his cut I gave him of the little merch table I manned after the artists’ sets.)

Mind you, I’m not bothered about doing more of these afternoons on a frequent basis, as I like the “special” party/event aspect of the get-together, as opposed to a “gig.” So I imagine I will just try to pick the right spots, get the right folks to play, and try to do something whenever I have finished an issue or something, so I can devote the proper time to doing it well and continue to insure it’s connected properly with our efforts with the publication. But it’s particularly pleasing to present a few great artists that our friends and readers might not know or might not have heard, in a setting where one can hear them so very well. (Without his band, for example, McGlashan really shone, proving again that the spotlight thrown on the essentials of songwriting and singing just makes the real talents shine.)

I was particularly heartened that McGlashan sold 23 copies of his two ÇDs (not bad for any merch table in a small place!!!), and Carr in turn sold 12. It shows they could really deliver the goods without great volume and impress and win over people who had no idea what their music sounded like. Accordingly, my head is filled with the ideas of having some other deserving, just plain great folks like this play some other day; those that really could use an open-minded audience in the right setting in New York City… (It was free, for one thing!) Something they’d long remember as well as the fans.

And being in the afternoon, with manageable noise levels, we even had parents bring their little children; I counted six total under the age of five including a baby. I hadn’t considered that aspect. Since I understand how hard it is for new moms and dads to continue seeing any live music that isn’t for the kids themselves, I was particularly amused and glad to see that happen.

Lastly, it was good to point out to the crowd the other folks in attendance that are our staffmembers, contributors, and helpers so they could take a well deserved bow.

I don’t know when, but we will do it again, likely in the late spring, in the same place. It’s such a nice environment. Cheers!
Secondly, but just as importantly, the new fall issue 59 of Big Takeover with THE DECEMBERISTS on the cover begun shipping last week. If you are a subscriber yours was mailed and is on its way!!! Feel free to email us if you want to make sure yours is in force. And if not, feel free to subscribe now via this website—just click the “Subscribe Now” link on the homepage.

…Or send us a check for $20 for four issues ($32 for those not living in the U.S., check must be on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars) to our new address at:

1713 8th Ave. Rm. 5-2
Brooklyn, NY 11215 USA

Failing that, the copies were also shipped to our distributors last week, so they should be in your favorite retailer soon. (No more Tower Records, though, so if you were one of the 1000 people who were used to getting it there, you may want to get it from us!)

We have already posted the new cover on it and a short rundown on the artists featured inside on our home page here.

And if you have any questions about the mag or subscriptions, feel free to contact me at

Thanks again!
Jack Rabid